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How much sun is good for you?

It's summertime (yay!) and we can now look forward to blue skies, warm days and golden sunshine. But, hey, the sun has had such a bad press in recent years and is now generally portrayed as the devil incarnate. We all understand our need for vitamin D, but how much sun is safe? Have we gone past the point where we can lay on a sunlounger, in the backyard or on the beach, and soak up the rays with a clear conscience? Is a golden tan now the sign of reckless risk-taking? What do others think?


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golden tan is healthy. lobster tan not so much!


Karla B

My daughter has been having some health problems and after extensive tests the doctor announced she was vitamin D deficient, gave her some supplements and advised her to get 15 minutes of sun a day!



I think sun is absolutely crucial. We kick our kids outside to enjoy the better weather most the day. They love it - trampolines, chalk-art, hide-and-seek, tag, swingball - anything! THey even take their my little ponies out and set them up in outdoor worlds. Gives us time to garden, read a book and enjoy fresh air with them! SLap on sunscreen, put on a hat and let them enjoy the fresh air. We're turning into a generation of inside game-playing, internet surfers. We plan our weekends out around outdoor activities - biking, walking, going to beach, whatever!



I try to keep my exposure to a minimum as my family has a history of skin problems. One of the reasons l use a treadmill for running, found l was showing signs of sunburns even first thing in the morning


Just come back from camping and found a hat was an essential item for any outdoor activity. Who really cares what it looks like as long as you have UV protection



i am very fair skinned, and i keep out of the sun, but i do have a vitamin D deficiency, so you cannot win really, if i go out too much i fear getting skin cancer, worst rays in the world i beautiful NZ,so you just have to be careful,wear sunscreen, hats ,clothing and keep out of it in the worst times of the day



I'm also very fair skinned and can't stay in the direct sun for more than around 10 minutes in the summertime... I don't really tan, I just seem to burn. A little bit of sunshine everyday if you can is good for your health though... just apply some good SPF lotion. The risk of skin cancer is too great... especially living in NZ.



We all need to have some sun but too much sun can be a killer, literally! If you follow the 'rules' you will generally be safe, wear a hat, use sunscreen and stay out of the sun if possible in the middle of the day when the sun is at its most fierce.



a little vitamin d is a good thing now the holidays a fast aproching we can get out and enjoy the sunshine with a bit of slip, slop, slap and being sun smart.



Too much sun is not good for you. Easy really. What is not easy is remembering to slip, slop, slap and wrap, every time we go outside in the harsh summer sun. People need to make this a routine part of their lives. It starts with parents instilling this in their children and being good role models as well. Don't just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk!!

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