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I've become a total gym junkie since joining my local, but I'm a little scared to try some of the classes; everyone else seems so natural at them, whilst I'm unco-ordinated whilst walking, let alone exercising! The instructors are great, it's not their fault I have trouble following them. Does anyone have a favourite type of gym class that they would recommend that's not too difficult for someone with two left feet?



The awesome thing about gyms is that no one looks at you like omg look at her. Everyone starts somewhere. I have been going to the gym for over two years now. I'm completely addicted. I have been there where I am new at a class and I sure used to be uncoordinated at Zumba but I stuck it out and I slowly picked up the moves. Now I see newbies coming in and I think good on them. Even today I still do classes for the first time as they always come up with newer and more exciting classes. I love booty blast. It's a class that is mostly done on a mat on the floor and it targets the buttocks and core. I also find Kick butt cardio a good one as it burns a lot of calories and it rather easy to follow. When I was new to the classes I would stick to the back so I could hide if I was unco and now I find myself more confident to go up the front. Don't give up. You will eventually find that you will be at the top :) hope this helps


Thank you, that is great advice! I guess I just needed to be reassured a bit that I'm not the only one. I have been thinking about the core mat class at my gym, I will give that a go now!



Having been fairly inactive, physically, during my younger years (apart from rearing four children - four singletons in under 5 years) However,I finally started to try gym workouts in and swimming in my fifties. I am now only a few months short of 80 and have been at my current women's gym for more than ten years - usually three visits a week. Once a week I am part of a class for older ladies - aged 70+ to 87 (by the end of this year more than half of us will be 80+)
It is just so good for maintaining strength , flexibility and balance as well as a being good social outlet. No vegetating and bemoaning the downsides of ageing for us. We all agree that there are quite a good number of up sides to getting old - don't fret you young ones!



Thanks for posting this. I wish it was able to be translated, but for some reason Google toolbar isn't working.


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I attended my every gym class and i still attend gym class because i love looking beautiful. And exercise is really important for our body.. so every person should take gym glasses..
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I choose not to go to the gym as I can't be bothered with the lycra brigade and I find I can exercise playing sport and walking.



The marvelous thing about rec centers is that nobody takes a gander at you like omg take a gander at her. Everybody begins some place. I have been heading off to the exercise center for more than two years now. I'm totally dependent. I have been there where I am new at a class and I beyond any doubt used to be clumsy at Zumba yet I stuck it out and I gradually got the moves. Presently I see beginners coming in and I think great on them. Indeed, even today despite everything I do classes interestingly as they generally think of more up to date and additionally energizing classes.


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Thanks. I find it very helpful


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I go to gym classes but not often


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