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Food Poisoning

I believe I have got food poisoning from subway I purchased yesterday....I am vomiting and everything else. Has anyone ever experienced food poisoning and what is a quick way to get better?

I haven't eaten at all heading onto 24hours and it seems that all fluid (water, powerade) I drink....I just end up vomiting it up :(

Anyone know some good tips on getting better? I believe I am already getting better but any tips would be great.

Would you suggest me to contact the health department or subway or anything? The girl that served me yesterday morning looked very tired and not bright eyed bushy tailed and then when I went to pay, she took the cash from her glove she had been dealing with foods!!

I try to avoid using the internet for searching stuff, cause it often contradicts itsself, if anyone knows of anything, please let me know :)



Typically with food poisoning you get nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea suddenly but within 48 hours of eating contaminated food. One in three people get it every year.

The most important thing to do is to avoid dehydration so drink lots of water. Flat lemonade or electrolyte drinks are good too. Avoid dairy products. Eat bland food like bananas, apples and plain toast.

You shouldn't take anti-diarrhoea medication as this can make the condition last longer.

You should feel better in 4-5 days; sometimes 24 hours is enough.

If you go to the doctor, they are legally required to report food poisoning to the Medical Officer of Health at your local PHU; or you can do this yourslef . See:
for addresses.


Thanks so much Wice. Thats interesting that I would have to report the food poisoning. I probably won't be visiting the doctor, but I am wondering if it is necesaary to contact subway or the Medical Officer of Health.....I think I will do that.

Thanks so much for all this info. I have been drinking flat l&p/water and powerade (contains lots of electrolytes).

I have some pears here too, so I think I may have one of those :)


Ops! I meant necessary....



Hubbie got terrible food poisoning from the Indian takeaway. His doctor reported it and the place closed down for about three weeks while they had a massive clean up. Unfortunately, even though I know it's quite irrational, and it was a couple of years ago, the incident has totally put both of us off Indian takeaway.

A relative of mine got food poisoning on a flight between Dubai and NZ. He felt bad the night he got home but the next morning he woke up and was paralysed. Apparently this was a result of botulism poisoning which is spread from faecal material (not washing hands) and then preparing food. The paralysis starts in your face and moves to the limbs. You can die of respiratory failure in bad cases.

The Airlines gave him and his wife first class return tickets from NZ to Dubai as compensation. We never heard if other passengers were affected and there was no publicity the incident. However, it was very frightening even though he recovered, within a week (in hospital) and is completely fine now.


Heck! I can definitely tell you i am put off Subway now, its not the first time! I've also had glass in my ham subway...(that put me off meat subway) and after this recent incident I am definitely not going back!

Heck! Thats very scary about your relative!!!!!! Yesterday I could barely move, thank goodness I am a lot better today and my limbs are not in agony (they were PAINFUL as yesterday). It's good to hear your relative is all well now, even after 1 week in hospital. HECK!



Glad to hear you are feeling better today, Bernadette. Food poisoning is absolutely horrible. I got it from a McDonalds chicken burger and I've never eaten one since. I don't even like to think about them.

I wonder how many other people got sick from the same place yesterday!


Thanks Fianokiwi. Yeah, I am feeling much better now! I really think I should email that place Wice suggested. Even if I caught a tummy bug off something else, I do believe it was from the Subway, and I think they should know.

My boyfriend got food poisoning from maccas once, and got really sick :(
My sisters dad also got food poisoning from KFC once...his compensation was KFC vouchers...WHO DOES THAT! hahaha. I am now put off everything I ate around the time I was sick :( which is a pitty! Cause I cooked a lovely lamb.....(i know I didn't get sick off this cause my boyfriend ate this and didn't get sick..)

Ohwell, at least i've recovered :) It was not a good past few days :(


When my daughter was about 5 she and her best friend cracked their heads together and my daughter threw up that evening as a result, but unfortunately she'd also had chocolate cake that afternoon and now she thinks chocolate cake makes her sick. It was almost 5 years ago...


It's funny how things that happen around the time stop you from liking it/eating it :(



Just remembered another bout of bad food poisoning which happened on holiday.

It was the first day of our stay at a hotel in Rarotonga and they had this huge outside buffet at lunchtime. Of course, stupid me - I really should have known better - dived into the potato salad which had a mayo dressing which had been sitting in the sun for half an hour. After the first day, I felt ok but I just couldn't eat anything without dire consequences!

It actually turned out rather well in the end though. Because I couldn't eat anything much for the whole week we were away, meals were very cheap and we came in well under budget; plus I came home from holiday a couple of kilos lighter rahter than heavier!



i didnt the last time i had food poisoning... i was heavier =( i was throwing up for about 24hrs... then drinking flat lemonade and eating crackers... but as my appetite came back all i could eat was carb like stuff!!



It's odd how our subconscious makes food subconscious associations. When I was little I ate a whole lot of feijoas and the that night came up with full blown chicken pox. It was years before I could bring myself to eat another one even though I knew there was no real connection between them and getting sick. Anyway, I eventually got over and love them now!



Any Alcohol I've drank in excess to the point of making myself sick turns into something I can no longer touch. Luckily it's something I've done very seldom or I'd be ruling everything out one by one.

There was a canned spaghetti incident when I was about 10 too. That stuff is horrible! Don't know why anyone would go near it!


I don't understand canned spaghetti either. My mother used to make pizza with canned spaghetti as the sauce. I kid you not. I guess it's a dish, it's just not pizza.

I was sick once after eating an enormous amount of green peas (straight out of the garden) and after eating white chocolate, and I'm fine with those two things. But not southern comfort...


for some reason its not the alcahole i end up not liking... its what i mix it with...... cant drink lift anymore due to a vodka and lift incident!!


You might be right there Anna, I can't drink L&P...


maybe kh is a little smarter than us not doing it too often =P



I agree. Canned spag is yuk - all mooshy and squiggly like worms.

Sometimes I take the lid off my worm farm and it looks exactly like a big plate of seething spaghetti!



That's why I have the Veggie Delight when I go to Subway!! Try a colon cleanse maybe?


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