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Flexibility & Strength.

Hi Guys,

I love doing Pilates to increase my strength and flexibility. Would love to hear your favorite pilates moves or anything else that you think are excellent at increasing your strength and flexibilty.


I haven't done pilates but really want to, and want to try tai chi. I have done a bit of yoga, which was great, especially for my posture. I have recently lost a lot of weight so I am really keen to try new things.



havtn really done any real pilates... but i done a little on the wii fit haha... i like the one thats name has sun in it??



Youtube has fantastic help available if you want to learn Pilates. There is a comprehensive (60 lessons) course available using various Pilates equipment. Each lesson is a full 30 minutes. I've looked at few and they appear to be free.


Here is an eample:


Thank you, I'll have to check these out, I've got a couple pilates DVD's but need to mix it up sometimes to keep me interested these should help :)



Yeah, I have some Wii fitness game too - it was good the 3 times that I used it.



Still haven't bought that Wii but still thinking about it! The trouble is tthat the pasta machine still sounds good too!



Nah, the pasta machine just stays in the cupboard after you use it once or twice.



Take a look a this fellow for flexibility. Imagine being able to study your own anus - well almost - just a bit more practice perhaps!


OMG!!!!!! I don't think I quiet want to be this flexible haha


yer that a little too flexible... and a little creepy =S


...that is flexibility gone wrong....I think flexibility on a female definitely has its appeal but on a man if not a circus, gymnast or similar performer just wrong



...I have some Pilates DVDs just have not watched or used them yet....its in the one day I'll get to it pile....



Pilates is very good for posture aswell



I've often thought about it as everyone I know who does Pilates is full of praise for it. My only problem is that you need to change clothes to do it (if you want to be vaguely modest anyway) and you need a bit of space as well as a few bits of equipment. If you do it wrong, you can hurt yourself too I think so you need d an instructor to check that you are doing it properly. Is this fair comment?

Talking flexibility, I always think of Phoebe in 'Friends' when she was coming on to one of her partners and her classic statement "I've very flexible!" :D


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