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Coconut Water the New Magical Elixir?

...Apparently it is the next best thing since slice bread...and has healing qualities and apparently nothing can touch it in regard to hangover cures and is such an amazing fluid (based on the liquid inside young green coconuts) as promoted by its distributor that It was even used as a replacement for blood plasma during the Vietnam War because it contains all the electrolytes a body needs...it is part of the H2coco brand which was first distributed by a NZ company and is now playing with the Coke and Pepsi big wigs....and is starting to boom especially through the US what do you think?




sounds like something i need to try.. is it avaliable in nz?


....I assume it is available here because the distributor is a New Zealander....but I know that you can definitely get green coconuts here....so may have to pick some up over the weekend and give them a try....have tried coconuts many times but not the green ones so it should be interesting to see how it goes....I was watching CNN early this morning and they mentioned it in one of their health reports....well you know what they say "When in Rome".....



I've not heard of this, but I came across weird gelatinous squares in a can of Dole fruit salad and the only think I can think of that they might be is young coconut. Opaque, weird consistency, and I LOVE IT!!



Damn it - I don't like coconut. Guess I'll have to wait for the next Magical Elixer.



For an article on possible disadvantages of coconut water (pretty minorr), have a look at:



I can buy 'drinking coconuts' in our local asian produce store. I've tried them in MExico and Samoa, much like watered down coconut milk from an... old coconut. NOt bad.



Coconut water or plain water? Unless you have some sort of nutritional shortage and need supplementary electrolytes when you work out, I really wouldn't bother. I've drunken fresh coconut juice a number of time in he islands and found it quite insipidly tasteless and sweetish - not sour as the article describes it. I really wouldn't bother - just more media hype, like the old traveling doctors trying to get us to buy into the idea that this is somehow ' magic' beyond the normal. Why not have a glass of water and a fruit - cheaper, tastier and easier to get hold of.


....lol...I agree but have known that coconut has some great qualities growing up as a kid....I'd give it a go in the context of trying the greener ones....because I haven't tried those ones more then the others...just to see how it goes but yes water will always be my first magical elixir.....



i heard on the radio that 160 supermarkets acress nz have just said yes to taking the coconut water on board... so prob see it in the stpres shortly...


....well then there must be some merits too it if a number of supermarkets are willing to sell the items....no harm in trying I say....we can presume they will be bottled no doubt but I am considering just getting them straight from the coconut instead....lol probably try both ways I suppose.....


I think that as far as the supermarkets are concerned, maybe the merits are dollars!



I've been drinking Coconut Water as a supplement for before/after sports events.

Helps with muscle cramps due to it's high potassion levels - much better alternative than Mizone sport drinks etc.

Here in NZ the cheapest option is the canned/bottled stuff, but make sure it's 100% coconut water - so many of them have added sugar, water etc.

Many of the chinese shops stock cans for a fraction ($1.50 - $2) of what you pay in the health stores ($4 - $6).

But if you can get you hands on a fresh young coconut, it also has a great 'flushing' effect on the body, to help move things along. ;)

And if you go get a fresh coconut, grate the coconut flesh and make yourself some scrummy oat, raisin & coconut cookies - they are absolutely the best!


....thanks for the info Rozanne....sounds great....and the price is cheap too....and the cookies sound yummy to....will definitely check these out in the stores....


recipie please =P



Anna, take your traditional Anzac cookie recipe and start throwing all manor of other ingredients at it:
Fresh coconut
Loads of cinnamon (or a dutch speculaas spice mix)

Or: Apricots finely chopped, walnuts, pecans etc


...thanks Rozanne duh! I should of asked for the recipe yesterday...lol...but Anna did so all is good in the world.....


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