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Summer activities and entertainment for the Family

What are your 'cheap, fun and easy' summer activities and entertainment ideas for your family over the Summer season?

What are some of your best memories of Summer holidays from when you were a kid?



Bought up in a big family , we had alot of fun making xmas decorations from Crepe paper, popcorn strings for the Xmas tree.

Best memory was making grass huts from the lawn cuttings and jumping into it, swinging off the old rubber tyre attached to the old gum tree.

we found lots of things to do , mainly outdoor activities.

Dad worked at the city council and bought home a massive wheel that the cables were wound around and made it into a hut in our back yard. A couple of times we had a sleep out inside it but scampered back inside whne it got dark.



camping and tramping and mini golf and horse riding (although thats not that cheaps!!)


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children (and adults) make their own fun when they have a beach to laze around on



When I was at school, Christmas holidays were such a magic time. I can still feel that awesome elation coming out the school gates on a summers day and knowing that I didn't have to go back again for weeks and weeks and weeks! Reminds me of the Beatle's song ...and oh that magic feeling, no where to go!" - sort of captures the emotion!

I've never had a long holiday since those days.



Spending the day at the beach was just plain awesome as a kid. Friends and family. Chuck in some Frisbees, spades etc and kids have a blast. As we’ve got older though, as long as we have a nice cocktail or beer in hand times are always looking good!

If you’re around the coromandel, always mission to either Hahei or Opito Bay. Best beaches by far!



lying in the long grass on top of a hill over looking the beach and all us kids chillin out listening to Pink Floyd "learning to fly" watching the seagulls:) happy thoughts


Can I join you please Andrea?



Love just heading to the beach or the park with a picnic, frisbee and a bat and ball. Keeps everyone amused for hours.



I've always worked through the hols but I do take a couple of days off as hubbie and I have family in different cities and we always have at least one meal with each side which is just lovely!



I think discovering new parts of the city/town/country where you live is loads of fun. Theres always things we want to get around to doing, but often just talk about it - well make them a priority this summer and go out and do it!

I'm finally going to "black sheep animal santuary" in otaki, to get the kids to interact with some farmyard pets!

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