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Just got back from seeing the Muppets...I just loved them as a kid.So was kind of a nostalgic trip.The plot is to save their Muppet theater in LA.So an adventure to get all the old characters back together.So lots of singing and merriment.
My girls loved the movie they have never seen any Muppet shows.If you love the Muppets or even just want a trip down memory lane then do go see it.Who's your favorite Muppet....Mine is Miss Piggy!!



I love those 2-3 old men up in the stands. They're awesome!
I haven't seen the movie yet


...hahaha they are cool they mock everyone, know one is missed....lol...they come up with some great comebacks.....



....Yeah the 2 of them are in it funny they haven't aged haha classic..x



Taking my son and friends to this next week - think I am more excited about it than them! I always liked Animal the best.....



You know... I really wanted to fall in love with them again with this movie, but to be honest, I didn't like it. I didn't expect it to be so much music, and I love musicals. I didn't like the way they kept refering to the script and the film making process, and it kind of confirmed in my mind that Kermit is, in fact, gay. I kind of suspected, but really... he never says he loves piggy, he 'needs' her, he wants her around, etc, but really, she's just a beard. I think it would have been a much better movie if he'd just come out of the closet and asked Fozzie out.


....hahahaha...ask Fozzie out....maybe that's the next installment of the muppets.....called Kermit comes out....a muppet celebration....lol.....I haven't seen it yet....will have to wait till I have my young nieces or nephews over for a visit and I will take them but quietly because I want to see it more.....lol


....I guess there has always been a bit of singing and dancing in their shows so kinda expected it.....Kermie does so want piggy but he is a wimp and needs to toughen up or piggy will karate chop him....haahha


I used to think he liked her, but a) it's been a LOOOOONG time since they started getting to know each other and b) it's not like he doesn't know how she feels. She's been pretty clear all along. I guess we really need to look into his childhood and upbringing, though I figure frogs don't really know their parents since they hatch out of eggs and fend for themselves. Aaaaahhhhh - abandonment issues!! Okay, I'm familiar with them!! And I guess the whole changing from a fish thing to a frog is probably quite traumatic, esp without any guidance from a parental figure.

Maybe he's just racist. Or, rather, speciest. I mean, seriously, what would their kids look like? Though Piggy is probably too old to have kids anyway...



......Haha hilarious well done Fi.....Can't stop laughing...So damn ugly.....!!

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