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Film Clubs - amazing movies at a bargain price

I have belonged to my local Film Society for a number years now and I thought it would be great to share my experience with Chelsey women in case they had never heard about this really economical way to see amazing movies. It's also fun and quite a social community made up of diverse people of all ages - but with no pressure, you just turn up and watch the film and if you like, chat with other members before or after the movie. Sessions are generally held once a week.

There are sixteen associated film clubs throughout NZ, all sharing basically the same movies over a year. If you are a member in one city, you can attend movies at other film club in NZ for free. You also are entitled to discounted Festival movie tickets and discounts at some theatres.

The 2013 Film Society programme includes screenings of classic and contemporary features from France, Germany, China, UK and Hollywood, plus documentaries from home and abroad.

Membership begins when you pay your fee and runs from this date for a year. If you attend every week, it usually works out only a couple of dollars per film.

If you are interested and would like to know more, just go to:



I love Film Club nights, recently I have been to see some movies that really challenge my way of thinking. I have had some failed evenings and hated the movie, but for the most part I love it and renew my subscription every year.

Another awesome (and cheap) way to see movies is Chicks at the Flicks night, which Event cinemas runs. So it's basically the other end of the spectrum, Hollywood and glitter as opposed to arty and thoughtful, but I enjoy both ends so why not! They give you wine and dessert and goodie bags and prizes, and it's a nice regular way to catch up with girlfriends when you're all busy most of the time. We've been going for months and our group keeps getting bigger and bigger.



Wow, these would be us... we are die-hard movie goers, and this would really save us and involve us more to the movies we love to see, myself and my partners would be very happy and glad to be members to any of these Film Clubs and be acquainted with same people like us.... Cheers!


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