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Do I or Don't I

The famous Amora Hotel Chocolate Buffet is on again this September. I loved it last year but this year I am training for a sporting event and tryng to lose weight. Do you think a one off event like this is a bad thing to do to my body? I do so love chocolate.



in moderation :)



well it really depends how serious you are about your training and how much you want to loose weight, if it were me i would flag it, as how can anyone who loves chocolate eat it in moderation, its a hard task,i mean a chocolate buffet is going to be far too tempting, a small bar of chocolate never does any harm and i eat one every week and still loose weight, so my answer is NO,DON'T GO THERE!!!



You know the answer but are looking for backup - for someone to say it won't matter. So.... it won't matter!

Why? I just had a look at the cost of tickets to this event - $34.95! If you think you can eat that much chocolate and would enjoy it, then go ahead. My guess would be that with $35.95 worth of chocolate in your tummy, you will probably vomit (maybe have diarrhoea too) and no doubt, lose a kilo or two!


I think that is VERY good advice :p

It just MAY be worth it for me to go too :p



You only live once and no doubt you are burning through calories with all your training. Be a woman and enjoy the experience as much as you can. Remember - guys climbing Everest and going to the North and South pole take chocolate with them for energy so it can't be all bad!



eat whatever you want, in moderation all food types are important, also enjoy what you put in your mouth, guilt is a bad vibe - do not go there.



GO!! It's a one off and you will enjoy youself!



As long as you know its a one off then you will be fine just limit yourself to how much. But go and enjoy yourself lifes too short



I agree the others go but don't over do it



i agree with going... you do have to enjoy life.. as well as dieting!


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