Discussing :: Disappearing ‘Dailies”: Who reads newspapers?


Disappearing ‘Dailies”: Who reads newspapers?

Everybody used to subscribe to a newspaper. When I was little we got one delivered in the morning and another at night. I can still remember hearing the boys on the corner shouting out to get you paper (although I could never make out exactly what the words they were saying were).

There are lots of ways people get to read newspapers other than subscribing – casual purchase,, borrowing, headlines in the dairy or supermarket, fish and chip wrappers. Do ‘Chelseyittes’ read newspapers? How often? What is there favourite section (local, international, sport, fashion, jobs, puzzles, entertainment, features, etcl?)

Do you think newspapers will last the distance or become totally web based one day?
How do you feel about paying to read the news on line?



We subscribe here. I always like to read one at work too. Though I suppose I'd be someone who could read a paper on a tablet fairly happily, I know many people who can't stand to and like being able to hold a book...or a newspaper and actually turn the pages.



i only read online newspapers =P and i wouldn't pay for it...



I generally dislike the media. They are inaccurate and often biased. I don't watch the news either. I do subscribe to TVNZ news I think it is, but I don't look at much of it. I also don't like having to watch pieces of the news report from TV, I'd rather read it quickly, and I dislike when they say 'read full report' and you click on it and it gives you one line of info and tells you to watch the video. I figure I get told about the most important things on facebook and twitter.



What really annoys me is after listening to an interview on National Radio in the morning, so very often, what is said is taken entirely out of context and sensationalized in later news broadcasts. It's really difficult for people to get a balanced perspective on things and I really do feel concern that the media often lets us all down.


They're in it for the money. And if not that then the prestige. Pretty sure none of them are in it for the public service element.

Is National Radio govt funded? Because that's the only way I can see news working, is if they get the top reporters and pay them a ton to do a good job, and if they aren't capable of reporting accurately and impartially find new reporters.



you gotta have something to read when you get your fish and chips



Actually, I find the interviews on National Radio are generally excellent - informative and useful and often entertaining. What I object to, is the way statements are singled out as a headline used out of context later in the news.



yer radio things are good coz its like quick fire... actually what they say... not all changed...



Does anyone get RSS news feeds on their computer?


What's Normal

I read a lot of newspapers online, and I confess to only buying The Herald on Saturdays.
It contains my weekly indulgence of the Kropotkin cryptic crossword.
Now that is real brain food for me!


I browse Stuff, the NZ Herald and the Sydney Morning Herald online most days but also like to read an actual physical paper so usually buy The Dom Post or read someones at work. I get the sunday paper delievered cause are often in laze mode and sometimes don't leave my property on sundays. When major events like the Tsunami or London riots happen I also will read the bbc and reurters online


lol yer puzzples would be one thing that almost make me buy a newspaper hehe


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