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I've always believed the ideal was to put up your tree twelve days before Christmas and take it down twelve days after - giving a fresh chopped tree, just about the right time to sit in bucket of water before starting to brown.

According to Wiki however:
" Traditionally, Christmas trees were not brought in and decorated until Christmas Eve (24 December) or, in the traditions celebrating Christmas Eve rather than the first day of Christmas, 23 December, and then removed the day after Twelfth Night (5 January); to have a tree up before or after these dates was even considered bad luck."

Regardless, there seem to be lots and lots of different ideas about when to do what so my suggestion would be to make you very own family tradition depending on what sort of tree you have.

Having a set day makes you do it rather than letting it slide and brings a bit of magic for the little ones - a special date to look forward to.



Must have a real tree, the smell is just sensational. And it always goes up the first weekend in December.



The smell of pine from the Christmas Tree is everlasting, still to this day, the memories.



Anytime in December


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Christmas trees are a BIG part of Christmas, the finishing touch to place ones presents around, leave the food for Santa around it, and it is ONLY once a year so make the most of it


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We always put it up on the 1st of December and take it down on Boxing day. Might as well enjoy having it up. It doesn't really feel like Christmas is coming until it is up.



Be a proud Kiwi! Something new to try... this year I brought a NZ native for our Christmas tree. It's a macrocarpa and looks stunning. The scent is lovely too - citrusy and fresh. What's even better, it doesn't drop needles everywhere.



Yep I also put my tree up on the 1st of December and down on jan 1st,I don't think it really matters ,just a personal choice,put your tree up when you want to I say



I always loved helping the family put up the Christmas Tree, but since moving to my new place, and with my partner...Christmas is just another day but I will always remember the good times with everyone including family


If you loved Christmas then make it happen again. It doesn't have to be just another day. If your partner doesn't want to be involved, then ask around some friends or strangers (get down to your local Refugee Centre and meet some), put up a tree yourself and make some traditional goodies to eat.

My Christmas pressie for you.... I've made this banner Chris.. there are always good times to be had. You just have to make them happen.


Tried to post my reply to you (see below) but it just kept on coming up as a general post.





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