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Children's sport

What sport does your child participate in? My daughter is 6 and is not really interested in any sport although a very active girl. Nothing has really interested her, just woundering what other 6 years old girls are doing? Although I'm not sure if this is the place to talk to mothers probably more single girls on here.



I don't know for sure, but I think there are probably all sorts of women on Chelsey.

When my daughter was around six, as out of school activities, she enjoyed jazz ballet, swimming, gymnastics, Brownies. At this age, I used to just enrol her in any activity I thought she might enjoy. Maybe you could talk to one of the other Mums at her school and she could start something with one of her friends. We seem to have gone through heaps of different activities. Some were short lived others went on for years.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about your little girl. If she is happy and active then that's fantastic. I guarantee she'll come home one day and she'll ask if she can do this or that and before you know it, you won't be able to fit it all in.

She still has loads of time to find out what interests her. Enjoy the time you can spend together now, when you don't have to take her to this or that. It disappears remarkably quickly and you’ll wish you had it back.



i dont have any kids but at that age i did ballet and swimming... and i know alot of girls did netball.... but i dont think it something youll want to force her into... maybe if you can find a friend thats doing something that she might enjoy you could pursuade her it would be fun to hang out with her friends.... but yer at her age as long as shes active just leave her to it!!



Dancing, gymnastics, swimming. Those are my reccomendations. Most young girls like these sort of activities.



Swimming is a great idea.


Dazed and Confused

Thanks everyone. She is currently doing swimming and I'm thinking about Gymnastics next terms so it sounds like I'm going in the right direction



gym is fun but you have to be carefully because its sooooo cometitive....



Gymnastics, dancing of any kind, or maybe even atheltics



I took my wee girl to gymnastics, little brother in tow, and when we got there on the first day, they were very short of boys at the club so they talked himn into jointing too. Unfortunately, he got the cup at the end of the year and that was enough to turn my daughter off gymnastics completely. She never went back to it!
Neither did he!

Also, I was looking at some old photos and see that there was a girl's soccer team for the wee ones that my daughter joined for a bit... or junior tennis lessons can be fun too - especially with summer coming.



Gym is great for all-round physical ability. Don't worry too much about her not wanting to get involved in a ton of things, enjoy the break until she does! We are out every afternoon going to ballet (3 times a week, two girls) and swimming and Brownies and Pippins. All good fun, but a lot of time and driving.


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