Discussing :: Your black spot? What physical attribute would you change?


Your black spot? What physical attribute would you change?

There seems to be no limit as far as age when it comes to people trying to 'improve' their physical selves. It might be a nose job or breast augmenttion, or it might just be teeth whitening or having smoother elbows. It seems nobody is ever completely happy with the way they look.

Two questions here... Which part of your face, and which part of your body, would you most like to change if you could? Would you really do it?



Yeah, I guess there are things that i'm not completely happy with. But everyone has something that they aren't happy about. It's more important to appreciate all the awesome things about your body, whatever it is and not dwell on the stuff you don't like. There are things you cannot change which could be hereditary or whatever, however, that's what makes you, YOU!.

I use to hate being short, but now I actually love it! I don't have to bend my neck like taller people have to and when I played netball I use to always get told I was 'nippy' cos I could sprint through all the other players - even if it meant I wasn't the best defender...I could focus on my strengths! Everything does have its positives and negatives I guess...

I also don't like my nose...but then I just think how people say I have a nice smile etc...Its really important to not waste your life worrying about what you look like or what you wished you looked like - its not worth it!

I would NEVER consider changing anything about my body as long as I am healthy and happy thats all that matters! I'm currently exercising to try work on my legs and other than that I am happy with who I am and everyone else should be with themselves too.

An example is Heidi Montag..she was BEAUTIFUL before she got plastic surgery and now she looks dreadful in my option. Her face screams FAKE! You can view her before and after shots here:




I used to really dislike my nose when I was younger. . I used to use one of those mirrors with wings and look at myself in profile . It's most peculiar as now I look at it and I think it's one of my better facial features.

Isn't it amazing how difficult it is to remember what individual features on other people's faces look like. I think we focus mostly on peoples eyes, and how they look at us. I think George Clooney is gorgeous (though he's never peered into my pools unfortunately). t I can only see his eyes, and have no idea about his nose or mouth or even ears! Maybe I'm just unobservant, or is this something you have noticed too?



body is my stomach... no matter how much weight i lose.. and sit ups i do... tummy is always yucky...


Sit ups don't make your tummy smaller, unfortunately. It's just losing weight, and you can't target where you want to lose it from either, unfortunately. 10 years ago, before I had kids, I always though I should lose weight from my stomach. I was a little self concious about it, not terribly much so. NOW I look at pics of me pre-kids and I can't believe I was concerned AT ALL! I was TINY!! Now I have about 6 kgs to lose and then I might not have so much of a belly. Wish there was an easy way.



and face is... my nose... its little and pig like!!



One thing my Mum told me when I was a teenager and anti having anyone take my photo: "However much you dislike something about how you look right now, you will look back in later lifes and be amazed how gorgeous (if not strangely dressed), you once were."

Sadly, it is true. Enjoy the beauty you have; It inevitably fades/droops/wrinkles into something else - far worse. Funny thing is though, despite her very sage advice, my Mum never liked having her photo taken either I think she absolutely beautiful!



thats true..... but we all like having something to complain about =P



I'm the same as Anna. Tummy and nose.
About 6 years ago we were camping at Fantail Bay up the coromandel Peninsula and it was New Years Eve. My cousin's friends came down to the beach with us (we were all only young, not even double digits!) and instead of sand, the beaches are pebbles and rocks.
We discovered that if you throw rocks at other rocks, they spark. Which was quite exciting for us. My cousin's friend's brother decided to stand up one of the larger rocks to see who could hit it from a distance and when one of the gils threw a rock, part of it chipped off (I hadn't quuite had the chance to get out of the way) and smacked me in the nose. It's left me with a huge kink in my nose which is really noticable and is a HUUUUGE 'black spot' if you must.
Really unfortunate but I'm starting to live with it.
I hide from cameras and my husband still mocks me for it which I'm also getting used to.
When I'm rich I'll get it operated on or whatever, but until then...


I can't see anything! Your nose looks good from here!

My teeth on the other hand...thanks to my mother!

I'm not keen on my stomach either.

I'd never be brave enough to go through with a cosmetic procedure. I don't think I'd really want to even if I could.


yer i dont see anything either!!! your nose is lovely =) but yer i dont think id be game for any surgery!!


There is nothing wrong with your nose!

I would be too scared to get cosmetic surgery, and chances are id look worse than before! :/



That photo is one of the better ones apparently lol. There are some really terrible ones that have been taken over the years, even if you don't believe me.
They do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It wouldn't be a drastic surgery, just a small chip away at the kink ind maybe have the tip reduced a bit cause I sometimes look like a pig :(

But if not the nose, the teeth. And my fivehead LOL.
We all think we have things wrong with us but we don't really. We're all unique, and if we weren't, we would all be the same!! :p


yer... i agree.. haha no matter what people say.. if thats what you feel... its what you feel!! but yer... we are all different.. and thats important part of us!! I guess if it means something to you to have surgery then you should go for it!! (im just too much of a wuss haha)!!



I have a friend who is 60 and has just had her nose done. I had no idea she hated it. I had never even noticed it. When I asked her about it, she said she had been teased at school about it... all those years ago! Anyway, she's thrilled with the result so I guess it is never too late if it really matters to you.


If she is happy with the result then that is really cool. Its a pitty people get teased about these types of things! I am so pleased I haven't been teased for my nose :/


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