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What are your favourite home remedies for Acne?

I have recently come off the pill and have noticed that I am far more prone to pimples.. I am finding that changing my pillow cases a few times a week and using tea tree oil to treat spots is working well, but I was wondering if anyone else out there has any great tips that don't cost the earth?



I’ve never ever had bad acne but I can still sympathise as one spot can feel as bad as ten. A friend of mine who had bad acne in his adolescence, grew a beard and twenty years later, has never shaved it off for fear of the acne reappearing.

As for remedies…
Cinnamon is supposed to be effective though I haven’t tried it myself. I believe you can mix it with honey and dab it on before bed, wash of in the morning. You can also use lemon juice instead of honey.

Rubbing garlic on the spots is also supposed to banish them. I would worry about this bit as although garlic is an antiseptic, it could burn your skin.

Other things to try are toothpaste (worked for me), vinegar, strawberry juice and aloe vera. (this made the spot on which I tried it worse).

Tea tree oil also very antiseptic and said to work but once more, I would worry about it burning my skin.

The three main causes of acne are thought to be hormones, diet and stress. You can’t do much about hormones but good food, fresh air and enough sleep add up to probably one of the best remedies regardless.



Manuka honey. Just smear a bit on, and watch your pimples dry up!



I also just read that apple cider vinegar is a great natural help. Have it in a lemon drink, my parents love it.



I have heard the honey one, but I've never heard about apple cider vinegar! Might have to give that a try.



Manuka honey seems to be good for so many things! Glad I keep a jar in the cupboard.



And aloe vera soothes all kinds of ailments, too.



Unfortunately time seems to be the only thing to really help for me.



Me too KH - and unfortunately quite a lot of time. Actually I started a skin care program that made my skin a more even tone and I seldom got pimples (I didn't before that either) but I've relaxed it a little and now the pimples are appearing. Annoying. I hate cleanse/tone/moisturizing at night, I'm so tired I just want to collapse into bed.



Great share on home remedies for acne or the keloid scars. I personally prefer applying ice or using toothpaste, that often helps. I am not a big fan of home remedies but aloevera gel is great too.

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