Discussing :: The Do's And Don'ts Of Leggings - a guide for 2013 onwards.


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The Do's And Don'ts Of Leggings - a guide for 2013 onwards.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Leggings

To spandex or not to spandex? It’s a question for the ages if there ever was one. Few debates have splintered the fashion masses as decisively as whether or not to employ spandex pants as, well, pants.

To some women, it’s just plain tasteless to show off one’s backside, even if it’s technically covered in 98% polyester.

On the other hand, you can find whole tumblr blogs devoted to the trend, and even celebrity fashionistas have been there, done that.

The 10 Commandments of Leggings:

Do wear leggings with tunics.

Don’t wear them with a short shirt or jacket that doesn’t cover your bum and front.

Do pair them with boots.

Don’t wear leggings that are too sheer. If you lift your arms or bend over and we can see skin or your underwear is showing through, that’s more than we want to see.

Do experiment with different colors and textures.

Don’t wear leggings with an oversized print in the areas you’re trying to minimize – this will just make those areas look bigger.

Do wear them under a dress that’s a little on the short side.

Don’t wear leggings that end at the knee or slightly below – this length isn’t even flattering on a 6-foot model. Though i wish it flattered me.

Do pair them with wedge sneakers, a long T-shirt and a leather jacket, for an edgier look.

And, finally…

Don’t wear leggings as pants – they are leggings for a reason.

Thats all folks


I love leggings for long tops dresses and tunics but definitely not as pants! The 'Camel Toe' is so well seen with leggings that woman wear as pants and is very horrendous. All though I think leggings are ok to be worn at the gym or as work out clothes...


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5 Star Chikita

pic to go with it :)



That's pretty clever.

Though, fortunately, I've never actually had much of a problem in the 'are they pants or leggings dept'. They are always pants :)


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If you paired them with leg warmers, and ran on the spot - you could get away with wearing a leotard too... Then they would be more than just leggings



I still have a pair of leggings that I wore in high school. I'm 38..... They are full of holes and covered in bobbles but they just sooooo comfy. However, they have been relegated to the pyjama drawer so the worlds eyes are safe, as is my dignity.


New Member

Leggings are great - they hide a multitude of sins



I love wearing leggings especially in winter as suggested leggings with a nice dress or long tunic, not the patterned variety leggings just the full solid colours for me (not the bright colours) with a nice pair of ankle boots or some other boot along those lines,



the only real dont i ever see is the dont wear them so we can see your arse.. leggings dont flatter anyone in that area!



Excellent Do's and Don'ts, thank you. I see quite a lot of horrifying sights out there, no we don't want to see anyone's butts, big or small.



leggings are NOT pants! I seriously don't understand people who wear them as pants. If you have a long top that covers your butt, then that's fine, but not on their own. bleh


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