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It was all the rage a year or two back. Supermarkets did all they could to encourage shoppers to use recyclable shopping bags. Spotlight and Bunnings did away with plastic bags altogether. However today, you see very few shoppers using their own bags either at the supermarket of anywhere else. I was in Spotlight earlier today and see that they too have just reintroduced disposable plastic shopping bags. To be honest, I missed them but that was because I use them.. to line my bins at home and at the office, or for gathering fruit and vegetables, or just for carrying.

I have a wonderful collection of beautiful shopping bags but I never seem to remember to take them with me unless they are already carrying something in them?

How do you feel about plastic shopping bags? Do you use them at the supermarket or when shopping? Do you think there should be charge for them or should thieir provison just be part of the service built into the cost of the items? Why do you think the trend away from them has fizzled so badly? Does this bother you?



Having to buy bags didn't deter most shoppers as far as I could tell, but it did create bad will! I know I resented it as at the time it seemed more like a punishment than an incentrive!



Wouldn't it be nice if for the festive season, supermarkets printed their bags with a Christmas theme instead of their name.... they would look so much better then filled up with Christmas goodies like surplus summer fruit and vegs for friends - or even jsut to carry presents!



....It would be great to have shops get into the xmas theme with their packaging and I asked a friend who works at a specialist botique and she said the only way they could do that is if they add a little fee onto the shopping, because economically for them even the slightest decision can have an affect on the business because most consumers now prefer to shop online......and I have to say me included....but I think it is still a cool idea to have Christmas themes on their bags....



I used to have reminders on my phone for 10AM on shopping day to remind me to take my reusable shopping bags (the Trelise Cooper ones from Countdown). I eventually got into the habit of taking them every shopping day! I do occasionally get the plastic ones for the meats but I think that would be it. They could theme those bags for Christmas so people would be keen on getting them and doing the environment a favour or two.



After having travelled around in Europe for five months, I noticed that supermarkets in most countries here never provide shopping bags for free. You would have to spend a little bit to buy a bag, which varies quite a bit depending on the country - in Netherlands it cost me 2 euros (NZ$3) for a plastic bag!

But everyone is used to it here and nobody seems to have any problems at all with using their own bags. It seems like hardly anyone purchases plastic bags, which is such a good trend. In addition, lots of bag shops actually have a section for shopping bags, which is amazing for promoting the use of shopping bags as a fashion statement. No need to worry about holding a plain bag, plenty of chances to look glamorous and add another item to the wardrobe! Amazing idea in my opinion. It will probably take a bit more time for Kiwis to get used to the concept, but in the long term it would create so many environmental benefits.



I keep them in the car for my big shopping day. Other times I mostly refuse the plastic bags (free or not). If I can carry whatever I buy, then I don't get a plastic bag.


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never used my reusable bags but im someone who will walk out carrying everything i got just so i dont use a bag



I have some reusable shopping bags, but most of the time, in between juggling kids etc, you just forget them!


Miss Giggles

I find the plastic bags useful for bin lining, so I keep them. After use, they just go in recycling. If you recycle them, it is ok. Hate the thought of anything going in landfill :(


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