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Nope! not even to go to the letterbox I dont want anyone to see me naked ie I dont wear PJ's LOL



Nah!! Definitely get dressed at some stage. I feel yuk and get a headache if I don't have a shower and get dressed everyday.


It's amazing how a shower can make you feel better :)



I'd probably hang the washing out and get the mail but have seen so many people walking around in onesies and kids going to school in them! Great for around the house tho. My neighbour regularly comes out on the street in his mauve shorty short dressing gown with no shame.



Can you imagine drunk people in onesies? They'd just get to the bathroom and figure that they need to be Hudini - not so sure about the whole onesies thing ... I have seen them advertised in up-market fabrics/prices but at the end to the day I just can't help thinking of old western movies and the red all-in-one long-johns worn by skanky old goldminers/farmers



Its quite normal where i live to go to the supermarket any time of the day or night and see more than a few people wandering round in their pjs. While I have no problem slobbing around at home om a lazy Sunday in my pjs there is no way I would ever go out publicly in them - other than to run to the lletterbox and back. Personally I think it just shows utter lazyness if a person cant get dressed to go out in public - dont they have any self-pride??



Pyjamas these days are almost a fashion statement, but my golden rule is to never venture past the mailbox in them.



I saw a lady at the ATM machine in PJ's and in the supermarket I have to say not a great look I think it dosnet take 5 mins to get into something .Our overseas vistors think its terrible and it would never happen over there.


Where are they from?


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I am not keen on being in pyjamas all day - clothes give me energy.



On a freezing winter's weekend, with nothing to do and no places to go? Yup, PJs all the way :)



It's almost like people think that wearing pjs out in public says something positive about them, like 'I'm brave and carefree and I'm so lucky that I don't care what other people think!'

But really it actually says to most people is 'I'm so lazy I can't even be bothered looking semi-presentable'

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