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Plaits, braids - cool or not!

You see very few people with their hair plaited today yet it used to be quite fashionable - and it's certainly a versatile and useful way to give yourself different looks if your hair is long enough. What do you think of plaits and braids? Can you French plait hair? Every worn you hair braided since you were a child?



A few examples..



I really like plaits, either a french plait or two plaits. Nicole Ritchies hair looks lovely in that photo. I once had my hair done in those tiny plaits above and oh my goodness my hair got a bit wrecked from it so wouldnt do that again.



...I think it depends on some people braids, plaits, corn rows etc etc look awesome...where others shouldn't even try......I have had mine in french plaits, braids, corn rows....but they are hard to maintain....but in saying that if one is confident with wearing their hair like that....and love to do so....who cares what others think go for it!....



I think you need a reasonably large head and a long neck helps too. I used to French plait my hair and loved it it just doesn't suit me now. I don't think I could stand having all those tight little braids though - like hair claustrophobia - I'm sure I would want to pull it all as soon a sit was done.

Isn't it strange how heavy your hair feels when it is plaited when normally, you don't even notice the distributed weight!


...hahaha to true Wice...cause I have noticed people with small heads who have worn braids don't particularly look all that great with them....lol


Much thanks for this valuable article. I like it. resources



if you can carry the look then why not! i think its cool because its a form of self-care. You take the extra mile to make your hair and its not easy. Wish someone would do my hair everyday!



I love plaits and braids ... its like anything its down to the person wearing it and the over all look!!



I'd love to be able to french braid my hair, but I can never reach around the back!



Plaits and braids are very cool- but only if they are slightly messy and not too structured. Gone are the days of a perfect french plait pulled tight or a long plait at nape of neck with flat hair everywhere else.
To get a good result when braiding I think hair needs to have some body/ and or curl. This way you can achieve a better look. My favourite braid style is from Hunger Games- Katniss Everdeen wears her hair is a swept side plait which is slightly messy.


Holly J

I love plaits and braids, but not if they are too tight and close to the scalp. Less is definitely more here. Go for elegance and sophistication, or a relaxed, summer look.


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