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posted by Elisha
27 "My friend is a hairdresser and I do spiritual work, so we just swap. I buy my colours and 30 volume and she cuts and colours my hair for me. No cash changes hands, which suits us both! :)"
24th August '15, 12:35am
posted by sophie »
Worst and best features
posted by Wice
12 "best eyes worst bags under them"
19th August '15, 11:02pm
posted by robmondo »
Best Fashion Lables/Designers for 35+
posted by Cataren
7 "I think most brands are ok you just need to know how to shop for your body type - and I have a rule never to wear anything that has already been in fashion in my lifetime! No fluoro harem pants for me! But, rules are made to be broken! ;o)"
28th April '15, 6:32pm
posted by lr »
DIY Beauty Treatments
posted by RC
2 "My mum had a hilarious experience trying egg white in her hair to make it shine. She didn't realise you were supposed to use cold water to rinse and used hot water, she ended up with scrambled egg in her hair that took ages to wash out. I've used..."
20th April '15, 4:36pm
posted by Bobol »
Breaking the Black colour code!!
posted by Foreverme
24 "Great comments Thanks enjoyed reading them all."
9th November '14, 11:29pm
posted by Foreverme »
Denim - an undying fashion.
posted by Mellow
18 "Skinny jeans. I think it gives a me a polished look even if it's very casual. "
9th November '14, 2:55pm
posted by Maria w »
Three Essential Pieces
posted by RC
14 "Good Jeans, Little black dress, Black pumps. "
3rd November '14, 12:31pm
posted by Maria w »
A Tattoo - Yes, or No?
posted by Mellow
15 "It' no for me. I don't think I can handle the pain of getting one. And I change my mind very often, so I might end up not liking my tattoo after awhile. "
3rd November '14, 12:26pm
posted by Maria w »
Chia Seed Benefits - Improve Health
posted by Elisha
9 "For a lively discussion on the benefits and otherwise of chia seeds, take a look at the comments under the video at:"
29th September '14, 12:29pm
posted by Wice »
Real food for your skin CARE
posted by Elisha
5 "Eggs, dairy foods, edamame beans, wild rice, nuts (especiailly walnuts), canola or soy oil, flax seed, green vegetables cold water fish.... all have high levals of omega-3. It's not just beauty (hair) that benefits from these fatty acids. The help..."
29th September '14, 12:21pm
posted by Wice »


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