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Blonde, brunette, raven, redhead, grey - Who has more fun?
posted by Wice
8 "Thanks!! that redness is always the hardest to get rid of!!"
14th August '11, 1:01pm
posted by Anna »
Makeover - HELP!!
posted by Cinty
30 "World English Dictionary bolero (bəˈlɛərəʊ) — n , pl -ros 1. a Spanish dance, often accompanied by the guitar and castanets, usually in triple time 2. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance 3. a kind of short..."
14th August '11, 12:13am
posted by Wice »
Would you pay to try on clothes in a shop?
posted by Wice
5 "i would not pay to try on stuff!!!! maybe for wedding dress.. if it was like the perfect place and had the right options etc... but the cost of a wedding is high enough without having to pay at each dress shop!! "
13th August '11, 4:18pm
posted by Anna »
posted by KH
1 "Now I really need the delete button I'm going to repost this in the correct forum. "
13th August '11, 1:47pm
posted by KH »
posted by KH
20 "This looks quite fun and a bit different to make"
13th August '11, 11:46am
posted by KH »
Laser hair removal
posted by KH
28 "Thanks for that! I almost bought one and then read some reviews and they were very similar to what you posted. Some of the cheaper ones either didn't work at all, or left scaring. Some of the others you had to use them for 8 months, and some people..."
12th August '11, 4:37pm
posted by StillMe »
posted by KH
15 "Thanks! My skin can use all the extra help possible. I guess Aloe Vera might be good for other things too. Healing properties and so on? We grow tons in the garden so nice and easy to get hold of."
8th August '11, 8:38pm
posted by KH »
Best deoderant?
posted by KH
38 "Thanks so much!!"
7th August '11, 12:44am
posted by KH »
Best tanning solution for summer/semi formals?
posted by New Member
8 "Thanks for the tip. I don't use fake tan myself but I know plenty of people who do and I shall pass this on."
5th August '11, 3:19pm
posted by Wice »
Teeth whitening
posted by KH
13 "I have bought a number of products from the supermarket to try over the last year ago with various results. For starters I went with the little bottle of tooth whitener which you paint on. This needed to be used regularly to produce results. ..."
1st August '11, 10:44pm
posted by Wice »

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