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posted by KH
15 "Thanks! My skin can use all the extra help possible. I guess Aloe Vera might be good for other things too. Healing properties and so on? We grow tons in the garden so nice and easy to get hold of."
8th August '11, 8:38pm
posted by KH »
Best deoderant?
posted by KH
38 "Thanks so much!!"
7th August '11, 12:44am
posted by KH »
Best tanning solution for summer/semi formals?
posted by New Member
8 "Thanks for the tip. I don't use fake tan myself but I know plenty of people who do and I shall pass this on."
5th August '11, 3:19pm
posted by Wice »
Teeth whitening
posted by KH
13 "I have bought a number of products from the supermarket to try over the last year ago with various results. For starters I went with the little bottle of tooth whitener which you paint on. This needed to be used regularly to produce results. ..."
1st August '11, 10:44pm
posted by Wice »
Have you tried Botox? Would you?
posted by StillMe
11 "No, it's not for me either. Despite the hype, you only have to look at some movie stars (espeically the men) to see what an absolute disaster it can be - let alone any health risks that might result. As for those huge lips you see sometimes - yuk,..."
1st August '11, 10:11pm
posted by Wice »


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