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What are your top ten beauty items/makeup/perfume of 2011 and why
posted by 5 Star Chikita
23 "I find that any of the anti-frizz shampoos and conditioners work on my hair. I've stopped using them completely (could send you have a dozen bottles Rosie) as they not only stop the frizz but make my hair really flat and heavy."
22nd October '11, 12:10pm
posted by Wice »
Any Cetaphil Users?
posted by Dee-Dee
11 "no haha it wasnt my house... or even the person i was there with's house... so felt a little random... but lol least i found out what it was... thats a start right!!"
17th October '11, 8:43pm
posted by Anna »
Help Trilogy Skincare save orangutans
posted by KH
7 "I love Trilogy products and that they were thought up by two sisters in a shed in Upper Hutt. The fact that they care about these cute orangutans is just the icing on the cake!"
17th October '11, 5:39pm
posted by lr »
Sexy sunglasses, sensible spectacles?
posted by Wice
20 "Therse a sunglass sale on 1-day today for anyone looking for a new pair for summer... for me its too scary coz id want to try them on.. but if you know what suits you then good time to score a bargain!!"
17th October '11, 12:28pm
posted by Anna »
Clothes maketh the (wo)man but does man (wo)maketh the clothes?
posted by Wice
18 "There is great information on the web for those who would like to take up sewing - even if you haven't got clue. even has free sewing lessons on line: Sewing 101 Sign up to learn how to sew, from a simple online project to dreating a..."
16th October '11, 10:16am
posted by Wice »
How much did you paied for your wedding ??
posted by New Member
6 "I've decided that when they make single sex marriage legal I'll get a mail order bride and she can help me cook, clean, and look after the kids. This way she gets to come to NZ and doesn't have to sleep with a guy she really isn't in love with, and..."
16th October '11, 8:09am
posted by StillMe »
Clothes on a rainy day
posted by KH
53 "Nope. No way. Rain or shine!"
15th October '11, 9:29pm
posted by KH »
Bargain Hunting!
posted by Michelle
12 "My sincerest apologies for the ghastly stream of typos in the above post. I can only say that at the moment I have a beastly migraine and not only can I not see properly, my head is splitting and obviously the brain isn't doing too well either!"
16th September '11, 4:04pm
posted by Wice »
Best Skin Care product ever
posted by Katana
8 "Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel? I got a free sample at the pharmacy and liked it so much I ending up buying some. I'm pretty fussy so free samples don't usually make me want to go out and buy the product."
15th September '11, 3:24pm
posted by KH »
Planet of the Apes: Let's talk Men's Body Hair!
posted by Wice
46 "Answers: Top row: 1. This is one hot woman 2. She was wrapped! 3. So angry she was fuming Middle row: 1. She is one cool dude 2. Green with envy 3. Just a slip of a woman Bottom row: 1. One foxy lady 2. The gold digger 3. Such a..."
14th September '11, 5:17pm
posted by Wice »

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