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Roisin Dubh - Fashion and Philosophy
posted by 13ozzy13
5 "that is rather interesting glyph patterns in clothing that have some kind of meaning behind them...but one has to wonder if all that effort in the creation and design of these outfits...that they must weld a high level price tag....with it's..."
28th October '11, 3:59pm
posted by Dee-Dee »
posted by Wendy
9 "yeah, after exams aye. I need to spend less time shopping/researching products online & more time studying!"
28th October '11, 12:45pm
posted by Rosie »
Black Jeans at Work
posted by Dee3
9 "the rule of any office I think when it comes to what to wear and therefore blend in with colleagues comes down to what Rosie said get an understanding of what everyone elses is wearing including shoes and accessories and then buy items around that..."
27th October '11, 9:12pm
posted by Dee-Dee »
"Holy Grail" cosmetics.
posted by KH
17 "I think I got mine super cheap on strawberry net but I probably should replace it cause it's a bit old now (you only use a teeny bit)"
27th October '11, 8:16pm
posted by Rosie »
Do you support NZ made products?
posted by New Member
24 "I've only ever flown in & out of there cause I know exactly what I want & usually have a string of noisy children following me who're bound to touch/wreck everything. Or I'm rushing in cause I've distracted the kids at the shop next door or eating..."
27th October '11, 1:00pm
posted by Rosie »
Summer shoes for out walking
posted by Rosie
17 "Hmm, some of them look kinda ok, but they still look very Kumfy like my nanna wears, and I can't get that picture out of my mind."
27th October '11, 9:25am
posted by Rosie »
Hair straightened or au naturale?
posted by Rosie
26 "Wow, looking at that, the wavy really does look fake! Who ever knew?"
27th October '11, 9:22am
posted by Rosie »
Apart from standing in front of the mirror naked....
posted by redleisa
3 "Find a buddy to walk/jog with, join a group of similar minded people: (but, don't leave us here at Chelsey!)"
25th October '11, 6:07pm
posted by Rosie »
To tan or not to tan? That is the question!
posted by Wice
28 "Nah, I'd choose natural Vitamin D (with all it's bad side effects) over any synthetic chemicals."
23rd October '11, 5:22pm
posted by Rosie »
Fringe, yes or no?
posted by harksgal
23 "I've found a hairdresser that I really trust who's managed to style my crazy hair (finally). I now let her do whatever she thinks needs doing to make it look it's best. I quite like the bottom left hand fringe."
23rd October '11, 5:20pm
posted by Rosie »

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