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Hair length
posted by Jude21
14 "I think you should go with what you like as why should someone else have a say over you? I have a short cropped hair style as its what I like and so do some others, I have had people tell me I look masculine cause a 5'11" and a solidish build but..."
12th November '11, 8:49pm
posted by vettechic »
Skin Tags - Who Knew
posted by Dee-Dee
18 "...thanks for the info Wice...every time I hear about interesting illnesses I have a tendency to suddenly want to find out about I am reading up on Rheumatic Fever after seeing a news report on it......"
12th November '11, 7:26pm
posted by Dee-Dee »
Beauty is from within - shine through your eyes but from your heart!!!
posted by New Member
4 "Beauty.... love.... "
9th November '11, 9:41pm
posted by Wice »
Beauty Routines
posted by Dazed and Confused
8 "Cleanse, tone and moisturize (including sunscreen) every morning, and since I'm generally lazy in the evening I only do it if I've been wearing make-up. I think it does keep my skin a little more even, and certainly the sunscreen is a good idea...."
8th November '11, 8:46pm
posted by StillMe »
Too old...? Age appropriate make up- is there any rules I should follow?
posted by Sheena
48 "I don't wear makeup that often, as I don't really need to when I'm at work and my man doesn't really like lots of makeup and perfume on me. So it usually is for when I'm going out to something special. A lot of people tell me I look younger than..."
8th November '11, 8:27pm
posted by ClaireElizabeth »
Beauty salons and treatment
posted by KH
23 "I laughed too much at that. A sign that I have broken into the cellar and made a start on the goods tonight, I think!"
6th November '11, 6:46pm
posted by KH »
Legs: Wax/epilate/shave
posted by KH
45 "Stoneage fashion: "
6th November '11, 3:31pm
posted by Wice »
Humpty Dumpty - going bald as a fashion statement!
posted by Wice
18 "Just saw this pic - her expression makes you wonder if she changed her mind half way through! "
6th November '11, 3:25pm
posted by Wice »
Mixing cosmetics : Parfait or Molotov cocktail?
posted by Wice
6 "It reminds me of something I can't place... fiction, book or movie...about someone whose job was to work out whether it would cost more to take faulty cars (I think) off the market altogether (something along those lines) or if it was more cost..."
2nd November '11, 7:03pm
posted by KH »
Gift with purchase: the money or the bag?
posted by Wice
16 "It sounds weird but I love deep rusty reds which I blend with browns. They are quite difficult to find. Although red eyeshadow per se looks pretty odd (can make you look like you have been crying or haven't had enough sleep) blending with browns,..."
28th October '11, 11:15pm
posted by Wice »

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