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New Hairstyles 2014 for Girls and Women
posted by lindaphilips
14 "My niece got her first ball dress yesterday - so proud - so now we need to think about hairstyles! (and shoes, bags, tiaras, jewellery..) ;O)"
1st June '14, 8:24am
posted by rps »
BB Cream - explain?!
posted by RC
19 "I love one product that does a mulitude of things. Does anyone know if there are there any natural BB creams on the market? "
30th May '14, 5:40pm
posted by rps »
In praise of the bath!
posted by Wice
55 "Baths are great but showers are far more convenient."
29th May '14, 10:49am
posted by Charchar »
The New Nivea Deoderant - very good when wearing your favourite black clothes!
posted by Laura_actually
14 "Love when technology makes life easier - I don't wear a lot of black but find I have to be careful if I've got deodorant on and am changing my top - cautiously over the pits! with this you could just wham it on and go! brilliant!"
15th February '14, 8:57am
posted by lr »
posted by New Member
12 "A 'number one', to start things afresh ...... then rebuild from there."
4th January '14, 5:13pm
posted by Mellow »
New products - all they're made out to be?
posted by daisy22
15 "I think its classic how marketers use a celebs name to put on a fragrance. If you line them up and pick out your fav, (as me and my BFF did), its embarassing who's you like. She picked Sarah J. Parker and I picked Britanny Spears. LOL"
26th December '13, 7:06am
posted by Ricochet »
The Makeup kit - simplified
posted by Mellow
12 "I am an "OLDIE" and in my day we carried it all but the kitchen sink. We had it all in our bag never really required but we had it with us in case. Nowdays it is a lipstick,comb, perfume, and a tissue or two, all else applied before one leaves home"
22nd December '13, 10:27am
posted by New Member »
posted by Redeve
12 "Who cares and just use your lip brush to deal with this...:)"
22nd December '13, 1:24am
posted by sophie »
Looking great, depends on...
posted by Mellow
31 "It really depends on the occasion. But going for something which is a little bit elegant is normally a winner."
21st December '13, 6:50pm
posted by Dudelookslikealady »
When should ladies know when to stop dressing to young
posted by irmie
32 "I have a rule about wearing anything that has already been in fashion in my lifetime. 80's and 90's trends at the moment are a no-no - something 80's or 90's inspired but not hammer pants and a fluoro top!"
20th December '13, 4:12pm
posted by lr »


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