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Males modeling as women in fashion

We saw a guy going for it with the girls in Top Model (no he didn't win) but I recently read an article about a lingerie company using a male model used to advertise a woman's push up bra.

What do you think about this new 'trend'. Does crossing the gender barrier make for good advertising?



Here is a picture of Andrej Pejic in the push-up bra advert (main pic) He is very pretty but how does this make you feel and what are your thoughts on mean selling women's clothing (especially underwear)?


...apparently it is the in thing...wonder how that is suppose to give young girls the confidence to get into modelling...bad enough they have to compete against other like minded modelling wannabe girls now they have to compete with a totally different gender getting their gigs....can do much for the esteem....I think it is misleading because I wonder if they mention in their adverts or promotions that the models are male....considering those male models are selling to females.....I think its weird to have male models modelling towards a female market because they have the female look.....



I guess what it does prove, is that what designers want is coat hangers rather than real women to show off their clothes. The guys have almost no waists, no boobs, no hips and no bums! Aren't clothes supposed to be about the woman!


I totally agree Wice...and to be honest with you if I hadn't known that these "girls" were actually guys....I would have thought nothing of it so I assume others females out there would think the same way...but I don't no if I should take the fact that these fashion magazines are trying to sell items to women using a different gender to do so I think it is an insult to all women......I wonder if they use these "girls" cause perhaps they are less expensive then some female models who knows....but I still think it is weird.....and yes he definitely is not a portrayal of what a real women is, shape and size...besides the obvious



This would be a treasure trove for 'cross-dressers'........... and sheer hell for homo-phobics.



Unbelievable post I am impressed males are modeling as women in fashion shows I have saw some pictures on Yesimodel.net they were outstanding too.I like the whole discussion you share nice topic.Thanks dude for sharing keep posting more.


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Hmm... that is really interesting i think

Read more here


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