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Makeover - HELP!!

So I'm having a little trouble finding clothes that fit in all the right places. My husband and I are going on a 'date night' next Friday (for the first time in over a year!) and I'm wanting to go out and buy something a little sexy, just to say 'Thanks for putting up with my grumpyness' but I just can't find anything that suits!
I'm in need of a second opinion really, or some advice on where to shop without breaking the budget.
I'm in West Auckland so I can easily get in to the City or over the Shore if need be.



your best to go to lynn mall... farmers has some great stuff for a good price (there great because they have a WHOLE big range of stuff and of all shapes and sizes... you can try on tonnes and tonnes!!!!!) also in lynn mall therse pigani... they have a great range of make you feel sexy stuff for a great price... my other favs are shanton, glassons and postie plus which all happen to be in lynn mall!!!!!


Ooo Shanton. Haven't been there in a while either.


shantons good but more causual wear... not too much super sexy date night stuff =P



Yeah I was going to say Farmers as well - I love there stuff and it doesnt break the bank. I also like Glassons but find some stuff a bit young for me :)


I have trouble with the Glassons colours. I never really liked the mustard pr the purple that they had in store a while ago. And they only go up to size 16 which is just too much of a squeeze for me.


just go farmers - they have all sizes and colours.. there great!!



Any particular looks that you can recommend for an evening out, dinner then a few drinks in town somewhere. I don't want to be under dressed but I don't want to over do it and look like a hooker. Also, make up, do I do something extravagant or keep to something nude?



I'd go for a skirt that suits your body type and a nice top in the right colour (for you). I think it's hard to go wrong with something simple like that. Maybe a nice scarf if it suits the top. I'd keep the skirt around knee length. For make up either emphasize your eyes or your lips but not both.



yer skirt and top or dress... but not too summery looking... more darker colors usually evening i think... not just black but just deeper colours... make-up - yes but not over the top... and dont forget to put some heels on to make yourself feel sexy!!



Personally, I would go for a Maxi dress, and splash out on some nice lingerie. Ballentynes, Shanton, and Farmers all have nice stuff - even the Warehouse has a bit. Then head over to Bendon Factory shop for nice knickers. I love Westgate! Oh, and Westcity.


I love Westcity too :) I think I might have to take my sister in law out with me, she always looks fab - even if she's just in jeans and a baggy tee :( I'm so jealous of her figure! And she has great taste, I think she gets it from her mother. My mother in law has great taste in clothes too, I could always pinch something out of her wardrobe :p



Spend a bit extra on the lingerie...buy the best and you might find that with the "extra support" some of your current wardrobe might look great. Have fun!


I've got the lingerie already. I got it for our wedding night which was a total waste of time cause by the time we got the The Langham, we were both so tired that we had a bath and went straight to bed!



I'd honestly go for a dress, with tights(optional of course.!) and cute shoes.! A dress around knee length with a great belt. Make up - i'd do smokey eyes and then just a gloss on the lips :) hope you have a great date night.!
Added an image below of what I mean but of course you'd choose colours and a style of dress that suits your body type :)


omg i love that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it!! where is it from????


That dress is absolutely stunning! I'll have a shop around tomorrow and take a few pics - I've got an odd shaped figure so some things don't look all that great on me - and I'll put a few pics up and I'll get a vote!
Thanks for the great pics Rochelle!


yay like that idea!! ill help you vote!!



Also, another option is an A-line skirt, with a top underneath and a belt over where the skirt starts :) with a cute jacket.

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