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My new year's resolution is to avoid all the super-cheap clothes coming out of the third world. It's crap quality and you only wear it for 1 season before it heads to the landfill. I'd much rather spend a bit more on a QUALITY item (preferably New Zealand made) that will last me 5 years (or more, I've had a Nom D wool cardigan for about 15 years and it's still going strong). Be gone synthetic fabrics!



'NZ Made',.... support is a big problem, as people are drawn too easily to 'cheap - crap'........ Jobs etc in NZ, money etc etc. all relate to this.
Who will stand up, to be counted? .... The 'Forum' starts, now! The Green's need to voice louder.



Buying NZ made clothing (or anything really) can be a very large challenge. One view is by supporting smaller businesses you are supporting NZ. However, sometimes this is true, however, many small businesses, actually source a lot of product from offshore i.e. China for t-shirts that are then screen printed here. Small store, local business, only employing 1-2 NZders and everything else off shore.

Whereas something like McDonalds (while not necessarily great for society) employs a lot of NZders, uses NZ produce. Also franchises are often owned by NZders.

I guess it just shows that to really purchase from businesses that support NZ and NZders, you have to be careful.


Totally agree, really good points you make here.



I would love to buy NZ all the time but the price comes into it alot for me, it's just so expensive that I can't afford it.



I buy things I like that suit me and aren't unjustifiably expensive and wear them to death. I love Icebreaker and Silkbody products and even though they are locally owned companies with foreign made products at least their ethics are on the workers side. I also have the view that fashion should be what you wear that makes you feel comfortable, not what New york, or Paris told you was 'in'. If someone judges me because I'm wearing a top that's years old, it says more about what kind of person they are than what I am. I try to buy local when I can but agree with Wilees points.


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