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Is it safe? Shop online

I want to buy one strapless ball dress for my school ball, of course, I have no to much money, so attend to buy one online, What about shopping online? And who has known the website: www.pickedlooks.com



To all those reading this post, this is possibly a scam post and the website mentioned could well be a scam website.

Why do I suspect this? Just looking at it gives a number of clues:
*Often foreign websites post queries such as these on forums in order to steer readers to their websites. A giveaway is the language used which is seldom in good English .
*The site doesn't have any PayPal facility.
*It does not give a physical address (a search showed me it was Czech website)
*It does not give a contact phone number where you can speak to someone if there is a problem.
*It does not give an email address and all contact has to be made through a query form on the website.
*Under FAQ, a live chat representative is mentioned but there is no such facilty (that I could find) on the website.

Further, the site is headed up "simplydresses.co.nz", which gives the impression that this is a NZ website. However, when you enter this NZ address in your web browser, no such website exists.

The above led me to do a Google search for "pickedlooks scam". Here I found a number of enquries re this site had been made. For stats see:
The site has han unknown vendor reliability score and and unknown trustworthiness score under scamvoid but is safe to browse.

Even if you think this is a genuine post and the site is safe, my advice would still be to look for a dress from somewhere closer to home - from someone who gives full contact information about themselves and where you have some chance of a comeback if something goes wrong. I can imagine how frustrating it might be trying to contact the vendor through the website and getting no response since they have given no other contact details. You don’t even have the safety of PayPal disputes if your parcel does not arrive or is wrong. You would also be liable for GST on import.

PS: I have two parcels which I ordered for Christmas but have not yet arrived . One, ordered in November, with a 2-7 day delivery, has now been promised to be sent after 14 January when the office reopens (a glitch at their end where it was overlooked - but still far too late for Christmas). The other was ordered in October. I paid over $100 postage from the US for this. The item was bought from a supposedly reputable vendor for whom I have full contact details and I have been in regular contact with them. However, even so, they now tell me that despite the package being insured, they have no tracking number and the parcel has probably been stolen. My only course of action is to go through PayPal disputes to try to cancel my payment. It has been an enormous hassle which I am not expecting to be resolved for some month; meanwhile I am out of pocket and . Save yourself the problem and shop closer to home!



Hopefully it is. I think stick to the names of places that you genuinely know.


witch one

Shopping online is the way of the world but not necessarily safe. Have to be very careful and realise that ovrseas sites are not bound by NZ laws. Stick to the local sites.



It's the only way to shop - so much cheaper than buying in store.



Some sites I trust, others I don't so will only use my card on sites I know and trust...



It's always a gamble but it sure is a lot more convenient.



I think you just have to do your research and make sure that the site is reputable.



Even research isn't safe enough nowadays, I've ordered stuff of iherb.com before researching its reputation and I've found so many comments that it's a scam-site! I got my first order just after 4 days!! So don't believe everything you read online.
I'd recommend dhgate.com for cheap clothes, just be careful with the shipping, it takes so long sometimes, maybe even over a month if you choose free shipping.


Adam Raynes

This is like scamception, a scammer asking about scams, to get people scammed xD


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