Discussing :: Humpty Dumpty - going bald as a fashion statement!


Humpty Dumpty - going bald as a fashion statement!

They said Brittney had lost it! There are tons of other examples though. It might be a bit cold for it right now, but would you ever consider going bald as a fashion statement? What would put you off the most from doing it?



See, baldies are everywhere! (Look out Anna!)



no thanks.... i just dont like bald girls... not matter what they do with them on like the model shows and shit... females just never look right if you ask me!!



No it's not my thing either... and I won't make you a baldie Anna. Hope you didn't mind the other pics too much though. I do these kinds of things in my work though more often it is getting rid of wrinkles and double chins. It really bugs me though when I have to make thin people look even thinner by shaving bits off their bodies. It really eeks at my conscience to present such unrealistic models. I wish that real people could appear in advertisements!



I could never do this. If I did it would be shaving it off for a cause. Bet if I had a child going through chemotherapy treatment I'd change my mind and shave it all off. But I love my hair so much, it's such a part of my identity. I'll have to find other ways to support those good causes, that people shave their hair off for.

You'd never get me to do this for a fashion statement though!!



I couldn't do this either - at least as a fashion statement – probably not at all. I know I would feel very vulnerable without my hair and all the women in the collage above give me this feeling - even the fiercer ones.

There is a lot of history where bald women have been victims or had their heads shaved as punishment or humiliation – the jewish women who had their heads shaved and tattooed in concentration camps; Greek women slaves had their heads shaved; women accused of being witches… I find it just awful.

For those that don’t, from what I have seen, you need to be pretty skinny to look ok with no hair – too easy for your little head to look like a pea on your body without hair to balance it in the hips etc.

I was surprised, reading about baldness in women, that an Australian study has shown that 22 % of women experience at least mild hair loss by the age 45. An US study gives this figure as 15%. This may be the result of disease, stress or gentetic factos and may show itself as temporary bald patches or total permanent loss of hair.

At: http://forums.plentyoffish.com/datingPosts6326867.aspx there is a long thread where guys discuss dating bald women

It’s not something we often think about and probably don’t know much about either. Here is a video about an alopecia club for women.



And then there's the disorder trichotillomania, compulsive hair pulling.



lol i asked my partner if he'd let me shave my head and he said no hehe



I'd only ever do it for charity like this: http://www.funrazor.org.nz/



Nup couldn't imagine going bald at all....I love my long hair and would feel weird with having no hair on my head anyway...and I can only imagine the reaction from my partner if he saw no hair on my head....lol...I think he knows I would never anyway....besides some people look pretty bad with bald heads....but in saying that if it was something personal to me, friends or family (to do with health and well being)...I probably would do it regardless of what anyone says....


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