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His and her smells - sense or nonsense in scents?

Based on the premise that perfume is worn largely to attract the opposite sex, I never understand this thing about different fragrances being suitable for men and women. Surely either you like a smell or you don't.

I love to wear a a 'man's' eau de cologne in summer - so fresh and cool. Whether I sniff it on me or him doesn't matter. Does he like it on me? Yes. Do I like over-sweet flowery perfume in summer? No - and neither does he. So why is one scent marketed overwhelmingly to men or to women? The same goes for deodorant smells and other toiletries.

I loathe many overspiced men's after shaves etc., but I adore some of my spicy/flowery perfumes. I'm sure that if they my perfume was bottled labelled for men and he wore them, I wouldn't love them any the less.

Even if there were some validity in an innate scent preference which is different for men and women, if women are supposed to like sweeter, more flowery etc., smells and men are supposed to like spicier or greener smells, then why does the media try to sell women sweeter perfume to attract men and men spicier or greener scents to attract women? Surely the opposite should apply.

If a woman or man chooses a particular 'perfume' to wear because they love the smell, the surely they should be swapping this with their partner so they can enjoy it on them, rather than wearing it themselves?

We don't differentiate cooking smells into male and female likes and dislikes. Pizza or apple pie smells don't especially attract either men or women. The same really should go for perfume. It seems that from the earliest age we learn to associate smells with other things. From the day we are born we are bombarded with advertising showing men wearing one kind of fragrance, women another. We are taught to buy what the advertisers say rather than using our own sense.

So, does your man smell good? If you like his smell, would you wear his toileries?; and if you love your perfume, what if he dabbed it in just the right places? Would the fragrance suddenly become less pleasurable?


Adam Raynes

Everyone has their own preference in perfumes etc, to be honest as long as you don't smell like B.O. I don't complain haha


New Member

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