Discussing :: Have you tried Botox? Would you?


Have you tried Botox? Would you?

I haven't. Not sure if I would or not. Anyone have any idea how much it costs in New Zealand? Or how long it lasts? Or if you look worse or better or the same as before after it wears off?


I think I would try it...maybe just to see how it goes.


I would try it if it had a medical purpose eg, helping to stop headaches.


Ooo - if I ever have it done I'm totally going to tell people that why I did it!! Thanks :)


After having varicose vein 'injections' this month, and the pain of that, I'm terrified of them injecting anything under my skin!


I would definitely try it if I had the money to get it, maybe just for forehead lines :) I would be too scared to do around the eyes or anything


Yeah, I'd just do forehead too. I don't mind the crinkles, just the wrinkles. I never knew I wrinkled my forehead so much until I noticed them this year. Maybe it's the lighting in the bathroom, maybe it's my kids driving me batty, but they seem to be worse just this year.


think it scared me too much from what you see on the movies!!!!!


I wouldn't ever do it. I;m too afraid of needles. And seeing the mess people can make with it is just terrible.


Would never try it due to the basic chemical structure it's made of. basically botox works by preventing the signal between you synaptic nerves so that you can't control it the skin/muscles. that does not sound healthy!


No, it's not for me either. Despite the hype, you only have to look at some movie stars (espeically the men) to see what an absolute disaster it can be - let alone any health risks that might result. As for those huge lips you see sometimes - yuk, they look like baboons!

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