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Foundation....Liquid or Powder..What works best for you....?

I would have to say in my experience that Choosing the right foundation for your skin type is like choosing the right bra. Both Foundation bases and bras...set the stage for a smooth, flawless look. So how do you know which one to choose Liquid or powder foundation?

Liquid foundation works for any and every skin type. The finishes range from light to full coverage and dewy to matte. If you simply want to even out your skintone, select a light coverage foundation. If you want to conceal imperfections or create a completely clean slate for your makeup, opt for full-coverage. If you want skin to look radiant and glowing, select a dewy finish. If you want flat, shine-free skin–go matte.I always use a make up sponge to apply Liquid Foundation dampen first then apply to face.I find doing this you don't get those awful orange streaks.
Exceptions: Women with oily skin should avoid dewy finish foundation, and should set any liquid foundation with a translucent powder to reduce shine.

Powder foundations can be illuminating or matte. As with liquids, pick the finish that best suites the overall makeup look you're going for. Matte powder foundation looks incredible with this season’s hot red lip and black eyeliner, for example. Illuminating powder looks great with the mixed metals eyeshadow trend.
Exceptions: Women with dry skin or rosacea should avoid powder foundation as it will settle into areas of dryness or scaling, which not only detracts from the overall makeup look but is (gasp!) aging as well.

I find that Liquid Foundation finished off with a loose powder works best for me...What about you any tips?



liquid foundation applied with a wedge sponge works best for me when i want long lasting coverage, however during work hours i wear thin lizzy or something similar to save my skin from heavy make-up all week.


My really good friend uses thin lizzy everyday and swears by it...She always looks like she has a good complexion...I will have to give it a go



Yes choosing the right foundation is really important, many of us apparently are wearing the wrong colours just like many of us are wearing bras that are the wrong size, i personally think you also need to make sure you wear a primer underneath, as that really makes all the difference, personally i love a liquid foundation, as it gives a little glow that my more mature skin now needs,however which ever suits you best, you should buy,you can always finish it off with a little powder if necessary, i do however think both young and old skin should avoid the matte and powder finishes,as i really does not compliment lovely fresh young skin which also benefits from a natural looking glow and as you age you certainly need more brightness and not something that will settle in to your wrinkles



after a rather bad experience with liquid foundation that dried in all the wrong creases i switched to powder and found that much easier to apply properly, i struggle with a complexion that includes freckles and find it so hard to find good coverage without looking caked on, and foundations can be so expensive...



For me, using a good moisturiser as a base for foundation is all important. I use Estee Lauder liqid Double Wear foundatioon - just one small dab on each cheek then blended all over my face. It's lovely and light when applied this way and really does last all day. Sometimes I will dab with a tissue to remove any excess oil from the moisturiser but I never use powder which regardless of the brand, gives a dull, aged look to my skin instead of the lovely glowing look I'm after.

Note for those who don't usually wear foundation: Make sure you blend it down your neck as all to often you see women with a dark cut off line which gives a masked appearance and looks really dreadful.



I went for a make over with an Elizabeth Arden Consultant yesterday and before she put on my foundation she used a primer.I hadn't ever used a primer but boy it made a huge difference to the foundation application...She said you should always use a Primer before applying foundation.



I definately use the Liquid, I tend to think powder makes my skin look all dryed out. But sometimes after I use foundation (Mainly when im going out to a birthday etc...) I will dab it with a bit of powder for a finishing touch.



I find using a combination of both liquid and powder works best for me. I am in love with mineral makeup, I love how it looks natural and like you aren't caked in foundation. I use a tiny bit of liquid mineral foundation first and finish off with mineral powder foundation for a flawless finish. :)



I always use a primer before applying foundation I love the loreal studio secrets. I find revlon photoready airbrush mousse goes on well and maybelline fit me is good for the money at the more expensive end lancome is the best I've ever used.



My sister loves thin lizzy, I put some on the other day and was really surprised by how much coverage it gave me with such a natural look. It's far cheaper than alot of other foundations and I find it's not that heavy which is important

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