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Fish Pedicure anyone?

In some areas of the world, including parts of the United States, salons offer unique pedicures featuring a particular kind of carp, garra rufa, that eat dead skin on the feet.
Patrons place their feet in tub full of the carp and the fish nibble at the skin to remove calluses and other patches of dry skin.
However, these treatments are fairly controversial, as many experts believe that the fish are no better at removing dead skin than a traditional pumice stone and may potentially carry harmful diseases.
The weird things people do in the name of Beauty....Ewwwww!



Sounds kind of freaky to have fish nibbling away at your toes but i'm sure that it's a novelty that would be on a 'to do' list if visiting a country that offers this. Could be quite soothing.



My mother in law and my step sister have had this done and said it was great and completely natural. Think it more people perception that puts people off.



I tried it in London. Initially its a bit freaky but you do leave with really smooth feet and it's quite entertaining to watch.


...That's amazing I have never heard of anyone having it done...Can you feel the fish nibbling and what does the sensation feel like?



I guess it would be a case of closing your eyes and enjoy



This is a very popular treatment in Singapore. Here's a video showing the different sized fish for different stages of treatment!



For a video with more information (about an upmarket spa in the UK), take a look at this - shows full body spa where you soak in a tu of fish...... yuck!



Bear Grylls would probably think this as a deli bar............ His Piranha's are more effective.. ;


I don't think you would have any feet left......Ah well at least you wouldn't have to worry about pedicures anymore...:-(



Smells fishy



It would tickle something fierce but I'd give it a go - feeling the local wildlife and doing your bit for the marine ecosystem!

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