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Eyelash extensions

I photograph many models with these and they look just great! But when I went and got some done they were all gluggy and horrible and I pulled them off after 2 days...anybody know of anywhere good in auckland that does nice natural looking ones for a reasonable price?



The Beauty Lounge in Takapuna are apparently very good. Full set for $100.




I would make sure you go for the individual eye lash extentions instead of the ones that are like little clumps of about 5 as I thought these looked awful on my eyes and really fake. I had to go to three different places in Wellington until I found a good one. Alot of them put on too much glue so they look horrible. This is the place I used in Wellington and it was great - and they are in Auckland too. http://www.celebritylash.co.nz/eyelash-extensions-auckland



I've now had two sets of 'semi-permanent' eyelashes affixed.

My husband LOVES them! he thinks they look terrific

However they're supposed to last about 4-6 weeks (with a back fill after 2 weeks). Mine didn't last more than 4 days.

I wear contact lens and between the morning and evening eye fiddling, they started coming off/out.

And unfortunately when they do, they often take out your real eye lashes with them.
So now I'm also waiting for my own eye lashes to grow back.

The lady here in Tauranga that I use is really good and a half set (which is 40 lashes per eye and more than enough) only charges $40

I will definitely get them again, but only when I have some big event or occasion I'm going to.

Blissful Escape

Natural eyelashes fall out every 3 to 4 weeks (varies from person to person) and the lash extension comes off with it. To take care of your lash extensions...

*Do not cleanse eyes, shower, swim or use a steam or dry sauna for at least 12 hours after applying extensions. Preferably 24 hours.
* Always be gentle with your lashes
* Do not use lash curlers
*Avoid oil-based make-up products and removers
*Avoid mascara



Thats really cheap $40! Great price. Mine did last a long time, but I dont wear contacts and I also dont wear eye make up - it was just the getting up in the morning and remembering not too rub my eyes which was hard. I love them as then you dont have to wear mascara.


Coco, next time you want a set, come visit me in Tauranga and you can make an appointment with Tana :)



Have you tried just getting them tinted? My mother got hers tinted for about $25 and that was more than enough to make a difference.



im not sure exactually where it is but there is a great place my friend always goes to in like the back of blockhouse bay...



Its not worth it if it comes out after 4 days! I agree with Rozanne, it would be great!!! for a special occasion. I think I would be interesting in getting it done at some stage, just for something different! I too wear contacts, so I hope that wouldn't be a problem???!


The first set she put on a little too much glue and they were a little irritable when closing my eyes at night, and as my contacts tend to generate a bit of mucky around my eyes, I probably 'touched' them a little too much to make them comfortable.

By the time I got the second set, I had a lot less natural eyelashes to play with... so they didn't last well due to that.

But definitely my party plan eye do of the future!



I got mine done with a lady based on the north shore that did it from home, I absolutely LOVED them! Unfortunately due to the cost I could not maintain them to keep going every 6 weeks but really enjoyed the 6 weeks I had them and had plenty of comments on how great they looked. This is making me want to get them done again.


Completely relate! They do look so stunning! Sob!



False eyelashes were in quite a few years back. They were always whole strips which you glued on with stuff that set a bit like rubber bands. Anyway, I remember proudly sporting mine to a dance and a guy coming up to me. Instead of introducing himself, the cheeky fellow looked me in the eye and said "Are those real?". I was shattered inside that he had instantly spotted my 'falsies' but luckily I was more on the ball in those days and I remember my laughing and replying "It depends which ones you are you looking at".

I don't think I ever wore them again.


I don't have much vision in my left eye, which means I can't put on the right lashes because as soon as I close my right eye, I no longer can see what i'm' doing!

So I'm a little reliant on others for these kind of things...

And I love your come back line! Quick thinking!!!

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