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Expert Reviews vs. Consumer Reviews

Has anyone else noticed that when it comes to reading beauty product reviews from beauty experts & professionals in magazines, newspapers, & particularly online they simply have nothing to say except so many POSITIVE things about the product?! My point is that when it comes to reviewing a beauty product (just like anything else) there should not only be pros but also cons attached but nowadays it seems expert reviews only consist of nothing but so many good things to say that they may as well consider themselves loyal ambassadors & PR spokespeople. It makes you wonder, who are these people being loyal to? The brand & suppliers of these products or to their actual readers/target audience?

I'm an average household consumer who's looking to really make the most out of the money I spend, I want an HONEST opinion of what the product is like so I really want to know if there's any cons as well yet it feels like most folks in the media are simply trying to market products just as much as their suppliers so they don't lose good relations & advertising space in their mags. *Yeah I said it!!

So here's what I'm thinking the wave of the future is (& I believe it's already kickstarted in some online arenas, you just have to do some digging). When it comes to reading reviews the average person is more interested in what I consider "real" reviews which is better delivered by consumers such as myself than beauty magazine editors with so many years experience in the industry. I'd say that it gives more purchasing power to us as consumers because honestly, I want to know straight up whether a crap product is a crap product, by any comparison, and most of all I want to know what product TRULY delivers on it's promises and is worth my money because beauty products afterall are simply a personal luxury which the average woman does not have a lot to spend on nowadays.

Anyone else care to share their thoughts on this?



This is why I love internet forums and message boards so much. I always go by what I find floating around out there, rather than reviews in magazines etc. A review in a magazine might make me search out more information but it wouldn't be enough to make me go out and purchase a product or service.



yer totally the great thing about google, and forums and such things.. you can get REAL advise on what works and what doesnt... Most of the time ive found all those things that are recoomended and give expert advise... they are really only doing it coz it the only what to actually get the products sold... coz they are usually crap... or just average!!



IMO the internet is an excellent medium for reading reviews from actual consumers who have used the products as oppose to reading fluffed up reviews that have a tendency to blur the truth some what. Expert reviews to me does not necessarily mean the best reviews, there could be a number of reasons why they only convey the best of a product or service, may be an incentive from the company I suppose (just saying). Consumer reviews will always win with me, they will tell you if it is crap or not

It only takes a bit of browsing and like Anna stated Google is a great tool for that. I have for a number of years now purchased various items based on consumer reviews I have found via the internet even including You Tube videos for computers and other electronics etc. More and more companies are trying to finding ways to entice us, because the newspaper and TV adverts no longer cut it, and competition is fierce, so from a consumer point of view that could only be a good thing for us....in the long run



The way to read consumer versus expert reviews is to go back to basics.

I guess you have to think of 'expert' product reviews a bit like book reviews you did at school. They are written with the aim of familiarising consumers with a product by giving information. This usually consists of a product description and maybe some background along with what the product is setting out to achieve. In their true form they should not to give personal opinions but rather objective facts. These reviews are sometimes press releases given by the manufacturers or they may be paid advertorials. Often publications are supplied with complimentary products for review. Sometimes the reviews are part of an incentive deal whereby if a manufacturer buys advertising space, the publication will provide a product review. This, of course, applies equally to websites.

Consumer reviews on the other hand, are not generally paid articles, but voluntary pieces where users voice personal experiences and opinions based on their subjective use of a product. Some people will naturally enjoy the products, others won’t. There is no burden of proof regarding what they say and I doubt any opinions given could be pursued for being deliberately misleading.

Neither type of review necessarily gives incorrect information. It is just that they have different agendas. Both types of review may stray into each others territory but if you keep the above in mind, you should get a balanced picture of a product including both useful facts plus opinions.



I totally agree, i see all these adverts with nothing but great things to say about their products, how are we really supposed to know if they are good or not. When i see adds on exercise equipment i always think these people are people who train at the gym nearly every day of the week, you cannot tell me they look the way they do because of that one particular machine. The same thing happens with beauty creams etc, people who are payed to do the add have perfect skin and have probably never had a pimple in their life. And as for cellulite cream they all say that they work but is this just so we will buy their products? And as for stretchmark cream, i though that nothing can remove them but they claim that they can reduce the appearence. I really think people do anything to sell their products. Its really sad to give people false hope. Maybe one of us Chelsey members could start a products review about products we have all tried and then we will be able to put our honnest feedback in to help out other Chelsey readers.


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