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Dumbo doesn’t just mean being stupid!

Years ago, my old neighbour’s little girl had the most sticking out ears I have ever seen. I tried to be charitable and focus on all the good things about her but inside I couldn’t help myself, very unkindly, thinking “Dumbo” whenever I saw her.

Otoplasty is ear surgery – well the type of ear surgery that involves pinning back ears. The pinna is what the outside, visible ear is called. Humans are the only animals where the auricle or ear has a cosmetic function more than the survival function for tracking sound.

Sticking out ears seem to be one of the phobias that both men and women have. Women can hide theirs but men aren’t as lucky if they feel theirs flap somewhat too much! It seems that the shape of your ears depends on the cartilage that it is made from. Pinna are made totally from cartilage covered in skin – apart from the lobe. There are three tiers of folds in ears and when a fold is missing or small, it can cause an outer fold to stick out making the ear protrude. Children as young as two can have otoplasty surgery and there is no upper age limit.

Do your ears stick out? Do you hide them with your hair? Ever laughed at someone because of their sticking out ears? Are protruding ears more acceptable on men or women? Is it just vanity to get protruding ears “taken in”? What would you do if your children had protruding ears?


Great outlined data. I thank you about that. Doubtlessly it will be extremely helpful for my future tasks. Might want to see some different posts on the same subject! more bonuses



When you look at the before and after pictures below, do you think these people really needed surgery?
(sorry, can't find the websites I borrowed these pictures from)



No I don't really, maybe just the first girl. The rest of the people's ears, like the old man don't exactly "protrude." But if they really stick out, or are big, I can see how they would lower young people's self esteem.



And the second girl looks so unhappy in her "before" picture. So I can understand why she would want them pulled back.



If i was to get anything done to me, this would be the only thing. I ask my boyfriend if my ears stick out, he assures me that they don't, but I am sure they do! I think I am probably stressing over nothing. I think my ears probably look like the after picture of the 1st girl. I don't know if they look stuck out? Ohwell..I guess its nothing to stress over...luckily for us girls we can hide them!! Even if we tie our hair up we can always pull out a bit of hair to wisp over them :)

Personally, I don't really notice it on people that much, it doesn't really bother me whether someone has sticky out ears or not.



hehe my dad said that he had dumbo ears when he was little and so he used to tape them back ... now he has the flattest ears ever!!


You just gave me a genious idea! When I go to sleep I am going to tape my ears back :p. Thanks Anna! ;)


lol!!!!! i have the tinyest ears ever so i dont need to worry... but good luck =P



Not as silly as it sounds! If you lie babies on their side all the time in their cots, their ears really do flatten a bit (though they get gungey stuff behind them) I guess everything is so soft at that stage.

Veering off topic a bit… Have you ever noticed the shapes of people's heads?

Did you know that babies that lie on their backs in their cots tend to get heads that are flatter at the back – the notorious ‘flat spots’? It is definitely true that natural birth babies tend to have narrower, moulded heads whereas those born by Caesarian have a more rounded head.

Apparently if you have a long labour the head can be squashed into a sort of cone shape in the vagina. Breach babies usually have a high domed forehead! Often babies are born with lopsided which were squished a bit during delivery.

The solution is supposed to be making sure your baby is placed in lots of different ways so that no one bit of their head is always in the same spot.

Now you all know why you have such funny shaped heads! Isn’t variety the spice of life!

Here is a picture showing a wee baby and an adult with ‘cone’heads.


lol cone head!!



Feel a bit sorry for the guy. I hope he isn't teased but he probably is. Makes you wonder about Marge Simpson... perhaps she is a secret conehead under all that blue hair!



haha true... my bro was born with a cone head... but it settled after a few weeks!!



I was just reading about President Obama who apparently was relentlessly teased about his big ears. I hadn't even noticed them till I started looking at photos.

In the US, he has been used as a model for children with sticking out ears to say that a negative body image doesn't stop you achieving what you want to do. In fact, face readers say that Obama's s ears may be one reason that he was elected. Apparently sticking out ears revel a highly independent nature - not always doing as you are told!


Thats interesting! I never noticed his ears either! It makes me mad that people get teased for these types of things.

Interesting point made about the shape of a head too!!!! I've heard that a natural birth can make you have a different shaped head....and Cesarian is more rounded.

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