Discussing :: Does your man go over board with personal grooming or does he need to pushed


Does your man go over board with personal grooming or does he need to pushed

Most of us want our men to look manly but a liitle bit of skincare goes along way I hate beards and moustaches and constantly telling him to shave and haircuts i think if he never had to take another haircut in life he would be fine with it .
How does your man stack up



my man does just the right amount... enough to be delicious... but not so much that it is feminine =)



My man is so quick but man he looks good!!!!! As for me i take forever to get ready lol, all i can say is thank god for those GHD hair straighteners, that cut my getting ready time down dramatically when i got one of those.



My boyfriend doesn't really care!! He has a nice rugged look about him that I love. He usually has stubble and I love it! Haha...I guess it depends on the girl. Everyone has their preferences. I think he may need to update his wardrobe though. I must say I am not a fan of 'pretty boys'. Justin Bieber for example is NOT MY KINDA GUY!! Russell brand on the other hand.... (you're all prob going ewwww right now right?) is YUM!. It's just my opinion :p



It's all relative, isn't it. What one person thinks is 'el slobbo' another thinks is cool and laid back! If he is clean, that's number one for me. Anything else has to be his choice (with just the most imperceptible, subtlest guidance from moi maybe). If he is your partner, you chose him and knew what he was like. I can imagine how I would feel being nagged about my grooming - it would turn me off completely!



He did when we started dating..then he stopped for 3 years..and once our wedding date was announced, he is back on his regime..LOL



I imagine it would be pretty unbearable living with a guy who was fanatical about his grooming. It couldn’t help but come across as vanity and no doubt he would be known as an "old woman"!

I guess I’m not very patient because any sort of obsessive behaviour drives me crazy. To top it off, he would show you up all the time which wouldn't be much fun... and he'd hog the bathroom!


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