Discussing :: Do you buy 'natural' beauty products?


Do you buy 'natural' beauty products?

What are your thoughts on 'natural' beauty products? I've always felt like the more 'natural' option was better for me, but recently I've learned more about ingredients and now I know that natural doesn't necessarily mean healthier or safer. I'm still keen on natural ingredients, but I now know that it's not a complete indicator that the product is good for me. Do you buy products that are marketed as 'natural'? Do you take that to mean they must be better for you?



Yeah, I've tried some. I LOVE body shop stuff ($$$) but I wonder about the effectiveness of some natural products. Is the sunscreen actually as good? Is the moisturiser a bit greasy? So, I just try to use as little of products as possible.

I'd live in the Body Shop if I could afford it though :)


I love the body shop too lol and I too question some of the so called natural products that have an oil greasy feel when applied so I ususally stick with my true and tested selection of products that I love to use and that feels great on and well you know what they say...if it ain't broken....ohhh I also like Simple beauty products the kind they sold in the UK when I was over there ended purchasing a lot of that.....but stick with what you love and how it feels on you, and don't fall for the hype of some products especially those often endorsed by celebs


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Yes ofcourse i buy beauty products alot & try many different products because i love beauty products. Mostly i buy body washes, moisturizers & foundations etc. I use to buy branded products through discounted coupons from online store reecoupon.com it is money saving for me & also i am sure about the originality of the product that i get from the store.



I don't buy any more - I make my own and find it very exciting


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Oh, yes that is very interesting

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