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Elisha. J. Sehgal
Different Ways to Show Love in Relationships

Talk to each other using only body language and your eyes.


Elisha. J. Sehgal

Kissing, hug, sex & touching.



sex, conversation, dance, music (play or sing), gifts, holidays, special dinners, little love notes, lying around for your other half to find, planning activities that you know they would love as a surprise, heaps of cuddles, touching theres heaps find what your other half loves and stick to them, or enhance them a bit


Elisha. J. Sehgal

Showing love, keeps the love ALIVE
By: Wonder WOMAN



....giving love is even better.....gifts are good too....lol

Elisha. J. Sehgal

LOL.. YAP.. try everything... :-)



This topic should definitely be under "Love and Relationships" too,

I believe that if you have to be told how to show your love, then maybe you don't know what love is - or don't feel it. However, you show it, comes from your own heart, and is not something calculated or based on what someone else does.


I have two friends who have been together for about 30 years, but they still show love in different ways. He buys her little gifts, and she wishes he'd just do the dishes without being asked. Being aware of how the other person shows and perceives love can certainly help a relationship.


hehe thats a cute story - my mums the same... ive learnt from her though and taught my partner early that dishes are his duty :P


Elisha. J. Sehgal

My ever-green favourites LOVE song



I think my partner means well, but he tries to show me he loves me by 'taking care of me'. If I complain about a headache, he pressures me hardcore to go to the doctor. This isn't occasionally, it happens at least weekly. Any little complaint at all, it's OMG DOCTORS.


Elisha. J. Sehgal

Talking to eachother on phone in break time at work.


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Keep dating no matter what. when kids come continue, when they go continue.
Set time aside to enjoy each others favourite things to do together.
Feed each others fantasies.

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