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Clip in Hair extension tip

One thing i learnt from having clip in hair extensions is that they can be extremely difficult to put in your hair right so that no one can see your clips or so they dont fall out. First of all section your hair up and place the extensions 1 inch above each other left to right that will keep them hidden away. to stop them from falling out comb your hair upwards to create soft cushioning for the clips to clip to. Hope this helps someone :)



Oh gosh, I just bought the cutest clip in ponytail hair extension in Auckland.

Good quality one and easy to attach - so long as I am wanting to have my hair in a pony tail.

However i noticed those clip in hair extensions advertised in a hair salon and would love to go them a go for the lol's - where is the best $ place to buy them?

The one I saw comes in 4 pieces - bottom, middle and 2x sides.


Hi Rozanne... can you please tell me where you bought the ponytail extension in Auckland?



Rozanne I have one of those clip on pony tails too absolutlely love it :) Would like some that I dont have to wear in a pony tail I just find it quite hard to match the hairshade exactly with my hair at the moment, Ive got a few shades of brown so they dont look natural when I put them in. Think I might have to dye my hair one colour. I highly recommend the pony tail ones.



Yip me too, I'm watching a couple of Trade Me auctions at the mo which have a set of clip in bits... but a bit concerned about colour matching as well!



I don't know anything much about hair extensions and clips other than what I've seen on shows like Top Model. Are the always made of real hair or are they sometime synthetic or maybe even horse hair? It sounds kind of creepy to me wearing someone else's hair - a bit like having a limb or organ transplant. I think I would always be wondering whose hair I had, what sort of person they were and where the hair had been before!



Hi there guys, my name is Kate and I own a hair extensions business called Loxy's Hair Boutique. I'd be a bit careful purchasing hair off Trademe, a lot of the cheaper extensions these days come from brushing baths, where woman go to brush their hair and the hair is collected from the floor and turned into extensions. This means you have numerous different kinds of hair which will all respond differently while in the rows of clip ins. I've had people bring these cheapies into me to apply them into their hair and they always look amazing when you first get them because they are coated in silicone, then within a week or so they are ratty, coarse and dry.
I practice a unique technique that involves no gluing or braiding (so no pain as you might have seen on Top Model! And the hair I use is premium quality European hair and is 100% Human Remy (single source) hair. Coco and Rosanne I have a stock of all different colours if you are ever interested in popping in for a consultation to ensure you get the right colours.
All the best on your hunt guys and just be aware that cheap doesn't equal quality! :-) Kate


Where abouts are you Kate?



Not for me - can't say I y into using bits of other people unless I have to. Just imagine if you could do this with fingernails too and they used old ones to glue on top of your stubby ones- after all isn't is much the same sort of material as hair - heheh! Thank heavens for plastic!



Hi Rozanne I am in point chevalier. I operate a home salon to keep overheads down. You can read more about my technique etc on my website if you like - www.Loxys.co.Nz :-)


Thanks - I'm in Tauranga but will have a look anyway.

What does your system require for maintenance?


Hi again, maintenance is required every 5-7 weeks just depending on how fast your hair grows.



I quite like the cheap ones, artificial hair, from the $2 type shops! Get a funky colour one, maybe a little plait of something in a different colour, and go wild!


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