Discussing :: Can mountaineering and trekking girls be sexy?


Can mountaineering and trekking girls be sexy?

There is an overwhelming view of this above group being whip-lash thin and hardy, thumbing their noses at heels and handbags and "toughing" it with the boys. However, is their room for some middle ground? Can a gal shukk her heels, climb into some co-ordinated kit and hit the hills? Does anyone else out there span both spheres or is it to be kept a guilty secret ....



Of course they are sexy. Ask any man what he thinks about physically fit, toned women with firm muscles, stamina and a healthy outlook! Lots of men prefer women without makeup too. This has little to do with intrinsic femininity or sexiness. This is one of my hubbie's favourite 'types' (not me I'm afraid)



Ah yes I get your drift and I think you are absolutely right too. But the main thrust of my posed question was can the outdoors be chic? Are there girls like myself who can hit the passes with aplumb but also have lushious lashes and other such luxuries usually associated with the high-street? Or are "we" trying too hard to do and be it all? Thanks for your reply Wice, I appreciate that you have read my thoughts



If you want to do it and can do it, then do it. I've discovered life is really short and it's only you that holds yourself back. My philosophy is to seize every opportunity to experience and enjoy life wherever it takes you. We are what we are and when you look around the world, there is obviously someone for everyone (who thinks they are sexy) as the human population just keeps on growing!



These girls can certainly be sexy,... as long as they leave their mountain/ice pick-axe outside the bedroom ......


Awwww I don't know could make it interesting and take it up a knotch or two ;) ha ha. no, seriously, good point!



...they probably are well toned and in great shape...but being sexy would be dependent on the receiver...but at least they can spoon in the tent!....



Really depends on how long they have been mountaineering and trekking without a shower!



... not too sure about that. After all, what about dirty dancing, dirty talk... dirty sex - quite popular I believe!


...I agree with flashdaz yeah that would be funky....nothing worse then wanting to get it on and everything is just nasty and unclean...and I doubt if they have showers up in dem mountains....not my idea of dirty sex.....lol...


It was a joke ! :D


...a dirty one....lmao!



This topic makes me remember that movie "The Parent Trap" with Hayley Mills. Those of you that know it will recall the beautiful but ditzy woman who was such an idiot when they went trekking and the plainer but competent mother who won the man!

I always thought it was a great movie to show girls that what you do is more important than how you look.



Maybe I am being picky, but what I am posing, and it is obviously against the grain somewhat is that surely it doesn't have to conform to an either/or choice. I think we can get so caught up in stereo-types, and I'm all about mixing it up and shaking those ideals we tend to think by (as produced mainly by mass media). The plain girl doesn't have to be better outdoors and the high-street looker doesn't have to be ditsy outdoors either. I love this conversation, thanks so much everyone. Oh and BTW: where there's trekking there's usually rivers and Lakes and/or snow - I ain't never been stinky but dirty, well that's for me to know..... :)


...yes I am aware that their are lakes and rivers because if it is mountaineering one can assume there is a mountain and run off from the mountain has to go somewhere.....and hey presto rivers and lakes....like Wice said it was a joke I fell for it NEXT!....

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