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Best Fashion Lables/Designers for 35+

I have finally come to accept that I am now a mature woman...have been in denial for a few years and am now embracing it. I have decided to change my wardrobe and style, but still want to express my personality...anyone have any great tips, designers/lables they can recommend.....



I love Grace Hill from Ezibuy - the stuff fits me really well & is beautifully made on a reasonable budget.
I go there & try on loads & then look out for them on special throughout the year.



Depends on your style!

I tend to think it's more about choosing the right pieces rather than the label itself.



I wish that magazines and newspapers would take it on board that there is a huge fashion market for baby-boom women. The older a women gets, the more she is forgotten. I can't ever recall seeing a fashion supplement featuring women my Mum's age. It's as it as women get older, not only does their hair and skin fade, but their whole presence just fade away into the background too... Yet these are the women who have the cash, who have the careers and often want to express their personality in what they wear!



I think in part that's true Wice, but then I know some pretty well dressed 50+ yr old women. Maybe it's in magazines that they read, not what we read?


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I love the Hell Bunny fashion label, never one to be a shrinking violet, but the one I am wearing in this picture, I think most would love too. This is me with my darling daughter out on the town.



I think most brands are ok you just need to know how to shop for your body type - and I have a rule never to wear anything that has already been in fashion in my lifetime! No fluoro harem pants for me! But, rules are made to be broken! ;o)


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