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Are Kiwi Women Really Slobs?

Cheeky buggars...well according to Wikipaedia we are....lmao!....apparently we are as unfemine as it gets....we don't use much makeup and don't worry that much about personal grooming...and we dress like men....lol too funny

I know one thing for sure anyone can edit a Wikipaedia document and I suspect an Aussie sheila has done it cause some kiwi chick stole her man...hahahahaha

Here's the full article if you want to read it all.....




It's all relative isn't it and there could be 7 billion opinions in the world!



You have to be kidding me. How rude is that? Gotta admit though, it is pretty funny that people can throw such wild accusations in to the wind like that. Yeah, some of the females in NZ could do with a makeover, but how bout them Swedes...



i think its because the idea in alot of people minds overseas is that we are just a farming... sheep filled.. hick country... - not many realise we are anything more than that...



It's really is not worthy of comment. We dress to fit our circumstances and occasions. Maybe we don't all have weekly faciaals, buy $3,000 dresses from exquisite fairyland Gucci stores and compete in the hair and makeup stakes. If anything that is a compliment!

I'm proud NZ women are more down to earth and care less about meeting the medias fashion dictates than women in some other countries. This of course, reflects our country - no huge cities and largely no huge 'class' differentiation. Sure there are richer and poorer but take a look at the US and compare our situation. We gave beautiful diversity in the NZ culture and our dress reflects this.

IF the writer had said we were dirty I might have been offended but this mrrely is a superficial comment about a superficial topic! Further, if you read the Stuff article, it is not even about this, it's abour femininity, female values and violence which in my mind, has little to do with what one is wearing or not wearing!



Well I'm no slob, I shower twice a day, wash my hair, and brush my teeth, so they can't be too accurate!



Which reminds me that I'm out of deodorant, it runs out so fast.



...I think its hilarious...we are an agricultural nation, but like the article states farmers wives probably would love to dress up but with the time of environment they live in it is common sense to dress accordingly however is saying that I am sure when they do get the chance they would look lovely...also our nation is laid back....but slobs I don't think so either.....for our little piece of the world I think we do pretty well....



Of course we do.



This is - media rubbish, out of context and simply head-lining for effect.
For starters, the article on Stuff is the one that has the heading "Are Kiwi Women Slobs?" As far as I can tell this title was written by NZ writer Naomi Madelin to draw attention to her article.

Next, the only quoted words from the supposed Wiki article are: "(NZ women spend). .. little time on makeup and personal grooming." These words do not use the term ‘slob’ and it is the Stuff writer who uses this term. Her article is not about NZ women but about ‘femininity’. The headline is totally misleading.

The sentence quoted above may well be taken out of context - if it indeed exists at all (the Stuff writer has neglected to back up the statement with a reference so we can verify it). What is not noted except under the picture, is that the statement is supposedly appeared under a subtitle of ”Farm Fashion.”

If you google Celeste Wills (the supposed writer of the Wiki article), she doesn't exist on the web. There are however, a number of people l searching for her. According to the Stuff article, however, she runs a business called “Farm Lady” which sellis ‘feminine’ work gear. Ah Ha! You say. This is about advertising!

So I followed this up… sure enough there is a website called “My Farm Lady” selling ‘feminine’ flowery milking aprons, pink overalls etc., etc. What a swizz! I wonder if she is friends with Naoimi Madelin?

Further, the purported article no longer appears anywhere in Wikipedia. I have done about every search I can and not one leads back to any article on Wiki that uses any of the quoted text.

A subsequent search showed up this statement in wikipedia review (http://wikipediareview.com/index.php?showtopic=35690&pid=289519&st=0&#entry289519)

“This is an excellent example. An excellent error, involving a really crap article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_New_Zealand about a highly notable subject. Bonus point for the main error being removed. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=...oldid=461304230 only after the problem appeared in the press. This is going straight into my record of the 'controls and monitoring' that will allow Wikimedia UK to collect £200,000 of taxpayers' money next fiscal year.

Conclusion: Naomi Madelin wrote this article based on something Celeste Wills from Reporoa wrote in Wikepedia which has since been removed. Celeste makes ‘feminine’ farm gear may or may not have said the quoted words but it would seem likely she did as a way to draw attention to her business and to increase her sales!

What a great PR exercise that has sort of backfired since how many NZ women like Celeste now!

New Member

The wikipedia article was written by freelance journalist Naomi Madelin and was also published in the Sunday Star Times.
the article is not about kiwi women being "slobs" but about femininity.
Celeste Wills is one of a few women Naomi has spoken to for comment regarding he subject due to the nature of her business.


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