Discussing :: A Tattoo - Yes, or No?


A Tattoo - Yes, or No?

Do you have, or thought about having a Tattoo.
Some are meaningful/tasteful, others can be very ugly after a time.
What would you have if you were to have one?


witch one

Not for me, but in saying that I have seen some beautiful ones. I can appreciate one tattoo on a mans arm but that's about it for me. My daughters have some and I still love them, its their choice.



For me, a definite No! However, tattoos have become more and more popular, particularly with the younger people. I would suggest - stop, think, and ask "how will this look in 20 years' time?" If you are still keen, do place the inking somewhere discreet.



For me no....I'm a wuss so couldn't handle the pain! But like them on other people



It's a really interesting question you pose Mellow, and full disclaimer before I respond: I do have tattoos!

I see them as an expression of self, and they don't hurt that much - but everyones pain threshold is different, and I would caution anyone thinking about getting one to put as much thought, patience, and detail into it as possible - and shop around, most terrible tattoos are the ones done cheaply - if you're going to be stuck with it for life, spend the money now and get a good, quality, well-executed design. They are expensive, but TRUST me - it's worth the money.

And I do love most of mine, BUT: there are definitely some I have that I got done when I was very young, and I will totally own up to 'thinking I was so COOL', that I would probably choose not to have now; it really, really needs to be something you've thought through.



I don't have any tattoos. But in saying that I wouldn't rule them out. Would have to think long and hard before doing it though. For me, it needs to be something so intrinsically beautiful to me that I would place it on my body permanently. AND I'd have to absolutely trust my tattoo artist to get it perfect.



Never, Never, NEVER - sorry. Just not for me.



I could get one but havent got one and not to sure if I really wanna get one. Id want my two childrens names somewhere in Roses :)


theresa te whaiti

Yes but too scared, my husband got my name of chest and wish I had guts to do the same



My little niece made me smile - I was reading her homework and she had to list what are the differences were between an adult and a baby.
She'd written that babies don't have tattoos but adults do! It wouldn't have occurred to me as a child but clearly that's how she sees things now!!


Yes, it is genuine..


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