Fun Things to Spend Your Bitcoins On

Bitcoins started out as a mysterious internet currency that only geeks knew about. But, as with most new inventions in technology, gradually what’s weird and new becomes mainstream. That’s how your granny got her own Facebook profile or started playing Candy Crush. And while she might not have heard of bitcoins now, the likelihood is that she will have done in a couple more years.


Anyone can own a bitcoin wallet and use it to buy and sell goods and services online. It’s as simple to use as PayPal; you don’t need to worry about the tech side of it. Like a PayPal account, you can fund your bitcoin wallet using a credit card or bank account and there are more and more things available to buy with bitcoins.



What many people use their bitcoin account for is to have a fund of money that’s just for frivolity; the fun things in life that you want a little pot of cash for. One that you can keep separate from the household budget. So what kind of stuff can you buy with bitcoin now?


Vacation Spends


You can now pay for holidays and trips with Bitcoins at sites such as and at, and it’s not just the flights and hotels you can pay for. On, for instance, there’s a huge array of categories of items that can be purchased in bitcoin including activities such as horse-riding, yoga and all kinds of beauty treatments. You just put in some search criteria to narrow down what’s available in your local area or the area you’re going to be visiting.


Have a Flutter

If you follow horse racing or just like the odd bet on a big race like the Auckland Cup every March, you can now place bitcoin bets at a range of different online betting sites.


There are also lots of bitcasinos where you can play pokies and other casino games and place your bets in bitcoins (or fractions of them). is a site that offers players a step-by-step guide on how to play at bitcasinos as well as detailed reviews of some of the most popular bitcoin pokies.


Of course, there’s also the option to test out the games for free before placing real bets. Why choose bitcasinos over other online casinos? They offer greater transaction security and anonymity - you only need to supply an email address. Also, the cashout process is much quicker than those online casino account funded with a credit card.



Treat Yourself...or Someone Else

While lots of individual retailers are now accepting bitcoin payments, not all are on board. If you want to buy from a store that doesn’t accept bitcoin yet, there’s a way around it. Using sites like, you can buy gift cards for over 200 different retailers and service providers and then use those gift cards to buy what you want.

You can also buy gifts for other people with your bitcoins. It’s a really easy way to send a friend or relative a present, especially if they live overseas. Using a site like eGifter takes all the hassle out of buying a gift as it will be delivered straight to their email account with an e-greeting card. You can even add a video message if you want to.

Bitcoin only came into being in 2009. Back then it was a strange internet creation that meant very little to the vast majority of people. Now, it’s something we’ve all heard of, and even more of us are discovering the benefits of paying for things using a bitcoin wallet.


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