Interview with Lizzie Marvelly

Lizzie Marvelly has recently launched her new pop single Generation Young, it is available on iTunes

We caught up with her for a chat.

After such success as a classical singer you are changing direction – did you have a moment?

I totally had a moment! I came off a tour in 2012 and while I’d loved being onstage, playing music with some hugely talented people and meeting some awesome fans, I just wasn’t inspired by the music I was singing anymore. I wasn’t happy, and I knew then that I had to follow my heart and forge my own path.

Listening to Generation Young your voice is a lot like Delta Goodrem, how does that sit with you?

Wow, do you think so? I was a huge Delta fan when I was a teenager and I think she’s a pretty incredible vocalist. So it sits really well with me! Thank you!

What do you hope people will hear in your song?

A call for freedom, equality and togetherness. Also a really catchy chorus! Seriously. I had it stuck in my head for months after we wrote it!

If you could sing with any pop artist who would it be and what would you want to sing?

I’m probably meant to be all ‘cool’ and art-snob here, but seriously, Mariah Carey and we’d sing the power-ballad duet we’d just written together. Or Blondie. We’d scream our way through a rendition of ‘Call Me’. Shameless.

What’s on your playlist this summer?

London Grammar, Elton John, Ellie Goulding, Matt Corby, Eminem and M.I.A. Weird mix, but I’m loving it. This is why I can never put my iPod on shuffle.

You are quite opinionated on Twitter, have you ever got yourself in trouble on social media?

Gosh, yes. My poor publicist sometimes has kittens when they read what I’ve just written on Twitter. I haven’t landed myself in too much hot water, thankfully, but I do think that you should stand up for what you believe in. So I probably won’t be shutting up any time soon.

Where did your summer holidays take you?

Holiday? I’m still waiting for a holiday! I managed to catch up with my family over Christmas, but things have been pretty busy with Generation Young being released so early in January. I’m hoping I might get to escape away to Mt Maunganui beach for a weekend sometime later in the summer. That would be awesome.

One of your best friends once described you as being an “over-achiever” how accurate is she?

Ha! Very. Especially in my teens. It became a bit of a joke among my friends, actually. So much so that my high school nickname was ‘L.M.P.’, which stood for ‘Little Miss Perfect’. Highly embarrassing, but really funny now I look back on it. I was basically Hermione at school, both the good and the bad, but I’ve gone a bit easier on myself over the past few years. Being Hermione was kind of exhausting.

How would you describe your ideal man?

Secure enough in himself to be strong, kind and open.

Top five life tips you’d give a young man these days?

1. Do what you love.

2. The only expectations you have to live up to are your own.

3. Travel. As widely and as often as you can.

4. Don’t be afraid to truly love someone. And show it.

5. You don’t need tips, life is for the living, do it on your own terms.

Rumour has it you love clothes – favourite New Zealand and international designer?

Guilty as charged. My favourite NZ designers are Hailwood and Trelise Cooper, while my favourite international designers are Chanel and Sass & Bide.

Best beauty tip?

Sleep deeply, drink lots of water, exercise hard and moisturise.

Best beauty product you’ve found recently?

Kerastace Paris Gloss Appeal. For gorgeous, shiny hair.

Lizzie Marvelly - Generation Young (Official) - YouTube

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