Chelsey Preview: Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories'

Lukas Clark-Memler

Lukas writes about music for a wide range of international publications and a number of vaguely respected websites. He's music editor here at Chelsey, and hates having an empty inbox, so drop him a line with any questions, comments or music to check out at

Unless you've spent the past month under a rock, you'll have heard a spin of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." It's everywhere; it's inescapable. I was sitting in the library studying for a political theory exam when I heard Pharrell's debonair croon leaking out of the earphones of the girl sitting across from me. Normally I hate having to listen to other people's music escape their ears but this time, amongst my notes on Plato and Chomsky, it was fantastic. In fact I walked over to this girl, took one of her earbuds and finished the song with her. Naturally this stranger did not take so kindly to me, and told me to find my own Daft Punk. Fair enough. But the tune wouldn't leave my head. I found myself humming Nile Rodgers' guitar solo, and nodding along to the Robots' vocoder breakdown. The works of a transcendental Grecian were of no interest to me. Even a peaceful anarchist couldn't hold my attention. My only hope for passing the exam would be to get lucky, since studying was no longer an option... 

Daft Punk have crafted a track that has no place in the 2013 musical landscape, but that is immediately familiar and comforting. The French Robots brought together the most unexpected of collaborators, and produced something of perfect synergy. It doesn't make any sense to us mere mortals, but then again not a lot makes sense about those two masked French automatons. Though you've all heard it many times before, here is the official audio of Daft Punk's first single from their fourth studio album, Random Access Memories.

In case you're unaware, there's been a series of promo videos released in the past few weeks that highlight some of the collaborators on the record. It's a diverse crew, and below you will find two of the more interesting episodes - the smooth Pharrell Williams, and Animal Collective's reclusive genius Panda Bear.

The Collaborators: Pharrell Williams

The Collaborators: Panda Bear

Here at Chelsey, we're beyond excited for this release. Random Access Memories drops May 17th. Head over to for more collaborator videos and other information.

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