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What do you get when you put Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, high quality special effects and the Wachowski’s in a Hollywood blender? One ends up with a beverage that’s a little thick, (particulary Mila Kunis’ character Jupiter Jones) and a film that is overdone and layered on too thick that even the most-die hard Channing fan won’t defend this cheesy illogical romance.

To continue the smoothie analogy, Jupiter ascending is a film is not without its sips of sheer delight. After all, The Wachoski’s have a proven track record with the Sci fi genre (The Matrix need I say more). What will keep audiences engaged in this film and make this beverage drinkable are the special effects. The scene where our protagonist is on the run from the Alien villians and engages in combat with ships that have the ability to morph and change shape, helps to keep audiences’ guessing and adding to the flavour to the scene.


Channing Tatum (Caine Wise) and Mila Kunis (Jupiter Jones) were characters that were full of potential, but failed because common sense failed to prevail. Would you ever put a stone in a blender when trying to make the perfect smoothie? This is the effect of the illogical character Jupiter in the film. Without giving away the entire plot of the film, I don’t know too many ladies who declare their undying love for their knight in shining armour. Then they turn around and marry a total stranger moments later without second guessing the whereabouts of their knight in shining armour. The entire film was tainted and the relationship was more dramatic than it needed to be. I found myself stepping back and questioning the movie’s premise, and therefore was not as captured by the film as I should’ve been.

Jupiter Ascending is a film with portions of substance, for instance Channing Tatum’s performance is good as the Lycan-Werewolf human hybrid, hired to protect Jupiter Jones’ life as a member of an elite Legionaire. Although the premise has been done many times, Tatum does well with script given to him. Plus for cinema goers wanting to see some great action scenes he has some interesting anti gravity boots that he uses in nearly every fight scene to up the ante.

Film goers who expect Jupiter Ascending to be the next Matrix, they will be disappointed. However amongst the mush, a strong cast, credible directing talent and strong special effects, salvage the film to provide a satisfactory level of engagement. Sadly, it just falls well short of a polished piece of cinema.

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