Magic Mike Review: A perfect girl's night out

JJ McConnachie

JJ McConnachie is a writer, book and movie lover, and a technology geek.

Anyone heading along to Magic Mike, a comedy-drama about the world of male strippers, might expect a sexy romp full of hot bods, provocative dance moves, and shrieks of “take it off”, both from the film’s extra’s and the largely female-based cinema-goers. Taking into account that Channing Tatum’s chiselled cheeks are on display in the opening scene, this assumption wouldn’t be far off.

But Magic Mike is so much more than a sexcapade into the life of a male stripper. It’s a highly revealing look into the seedy underworld that is part of the stripper industry, which is certainly not all “Women, money and a good time,” as Mike, the titular character, first claims. The film goes deeper, hinting that while exciting, and financially rewarding, stripping may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

Perhaps the most interesting character in the film is Dallas, the strip club's owner, and mentor/business partner to Mike. Played by Matthew McConaughey, he is perhaps the symbolisation of what Mike will become if he stays in the industry – a wealthy business man, but also an aging stripper who’s hot pants and crop top make viewers hide behind their hands while peeking through their fingers to take a sneak peak at Alex Pettyfer’s abs instead.

Magic Mike is well worth heading along to as a girl’s night out, but be prepared for catcalling in the cinema’s audience, and for a story that has more depth than first meets the eye.

Magic Mike is in New Zealand cinemas now and is R16.

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  • New Member says
    Been there-done that @ 60+ years seen a few bodz LOL went to watch this movie with a friend (free 4 me) but was a bit disappointed>>>the story was a bit flat, and although some of the eye candy was good, it dragged out the story somewhat....I would give it a 5 out of 10 sorry/
    On the other hand-if you are young, and new to the strip/eyecandy scene-you may like it and score higher???
  • New Member says
    Not sure what happened--only entered once??
  • Foreverme says
    I have just returned from seeing Magic Mike this eve with a friend.Firstly the movie theater was packed out with mostly women.
    I was sadly a little disappointed with the movie I think Matthew McConaughey had such a thick southern drool for an accent I couldn't understand what he was saying.
    At least their was a story line but it did seem to lack humor and felt flat at times unlike the Full Monty Movie which made me laugh throughout.
    In Magic mikes favor lots of hot bods......:-))

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